Florida update...

Well... most of you know that I was going to take Gordon's nephew to wake board camp for two weeks and then he broke his femur motorbiking... well AMAZINGLY he has recovered and we are leaving Saturday! Gordon's niece Baylee is going with us too and then my brother is flying out the second week for waterski school. Tydon is staying with Gordon's sister so it's going to be weird not having my little buddy around for two weeks and being away from Gord for that long. I'm excited to share pictures when I get home!


Startin him young...

Gordon was out mowing the lawn the other day and Tydon wanted to help. The lower bar was the perfect height for him and I couldn't resist getting a few pictures. Tydon loves to help and wants to do everything we are doing. I guess we know what his first summer job will be :)

Here he is pulling weeds with dad...

It is amazing how fast he learns new things and REMEMBERS!! (not always a good thing)

Baby Season!!

It must be baby season! I have about 10 more of these to make for friends that either are having or just had babies. I thought this one turned out super cute and wanted to share. I'm liking the matching wipe cases more and more. I might even get more ambitious and add some matching burp cloths some day... we'll see!

Different fastener... I usually do the button with Velcro and thought this was fun.

Ribbon across wipe case.


Tydon has loved his Ernie friend lately. He also loves bananas and so one day he decided that he would share with him :)

I love it when he gets so tired that he just curls up somewhere and takes a nap on his own.

I am so grateful to be a mom. I love this kid sooo much! He is my little buddy and I don't know what I would do without him.

Fun in the Sun

On Tuesday Gord, Tydon and I were able to go out on the boat with my dad and Brody. They had already finished their rounds of skiing so we met them at the dock in Roberts.

While we waited Gord and Tydon caught minnows.

Tydon LOVES water so he made me nervous, but was loving every minute of it.

Caught one!

Here they come....

Tydon jumped in and swam with me after I skied

YES! That is my hubby.... I was so proud of him!


Tydon liked climbing up front and hiding under the cover (it use to be my favorite place to hide too)

I love SUMMER... there is nothing like a day spent in the sun on the lake... Good memories :)

Who doesn't LOVE the 4th of July?!?

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.... the parade, BBQs, fun in the sun, and FIREWORKS! It is so fun watching Tydon experience new things. I forget he is still witnessing a lot of firsts and enjoys every minute of it. We were able to spend the day with family which is always fun!

Tydon loved Tomlinson's new kittens

and the "POPS" - His favorite part was stomping on them

It's a good thing my brother's dog is mellow...

The park is ALWAYS a ton of fun

Even Gord thought so :)
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