Crazy Kid!!!

Tydon has been pretty funny today so I had to take some pictures. He loves hats of course, but he found his swim bottoms from last year that are TOO small, but he insisted on wearing them today. Dad didn't think he looked very cute so they were quickly removed after he got home. Later he found an egg that I missed after cleaning up the Easter decorations and thought it was entertaining to put half of it in his mouth...


Easter Weekend

The week started out with coloring eggs and getting prepped for the Wood Family egg hunt. We colored eggs for family home evening, Tydon loved all the bright colors!

We planned to drive to Mud Lake on Friday, but March Madness seemed more important so we partied with some friends and made homemade pizza and watched a couple games. Tydon learned to say "Pizza" which made Gordon and I proud.

Saturday morning we gathered everything up and drove to Mud Lake. The day started out playing with cousins and preparing an Easter feast. Grandma Wood gave all the kids bubble blowers so they went out in the sun room and went crazy! Tydon and Berkli were showered with bubbles as the older kids pulled the trigger.

The snow was still a little deep for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs in his usual places so we found eggs indoors this year.

The day ended with Tydon watching TV with Grandpa Wood so mom and dad could go bunny hunting!!! It was a blast-I was pretty confident I was going to wake up with a bruise on my should from the shotgun though!

After church on Sunday we made the quick trip to Grandpa and Grandma Eaton's for another Easter feast. We opened our baskets from Grandma and Tydon and I surprised Gordon with a new push cart for the golf season. Happy Easter everyone!!!



I love Sundays! It is a time to relax and spend time with my boys. Tydon got a new tie in Boise when we went for State Wrestling (Great job Kaden!!!). He was excited to go to church and see all of his friends. He has been sick this past week with a nasty flu bug so he was anxious to get out of the house.


Tydon loves brushing his teeth. He usually brushes at least three times per day, but would brush more if allowed. He is very independent and likes to do it on his own. I've managed to train him to sit up on the toilet while brushing, mostly to keep him from roaming around and brushing other things.
Think it will help when it comes time to potty train?

Working hard...

Tydon went with Gordon and I to finish putting a fireplace in the house that he sold. He found a piece of sandpaper and thought it would make a great hat! Hopefully we will be home for a weekend so we can get some things done around OUR house! One of the things the I have learned being married to a contractor... my house will get done... eventually...
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