Worth the trip...

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend a couple days
with some like-minded entrepreneurs in Colorado.
We met Gerald Willhite... great guy!
He played for the Denver Broncos 
{the guy that always did the back flip after he scored a touchdown}
My dad was jealous

I'm so grateful for awesome friends
who want to make a difference :)

The highlight of the weekend...
We learned how to take $69 cruises


Tydon has been asking me for a while now...
"Mom, can 4 year olds go to Mexico?"

**He even asked for a Dolphin pillow pet for 
Christmas because he wants to swim with the dolphins**

I think he's been praying to go...
Gordon and I just found out we might be going back 
in May or June
We can't wait!!
And yes... we are thinking the boys deserve to come this time.

You should come too!!


Some Randomness...

Life has been pretty crazy lately...
Gordon took the GMAT on FEB 3rd.
I don't think I've ever seen him sooo nervous about something!
We are relieved that it is over and the boys and I are grateful to have him back :)

Last Friday we went to the Men's/Women's expo in Sandy.
It was fun to walk around with the boys and look at things.
My boys...
Wait for Spring!!
 I'm pretty sure Gordon could have played for an hour if I would have let him :)

On Saturday we got up and drove to St George for the weekend...
This cute couple got married.
Congrats Candace and Chris!!

We stayed with Gord's brother's wife's cousin... {hope that made sense}
Their home is BEAUTIFUL!!
 Front entrance into the home
 Infinity pool...
 Hot tub
 Private golf...
 Gord LOVED it!!
 Back of the home...
 It's For Sale if you're interested... 
dropped from $5 Million to... $3.1 Million -- {wow!}

We had to stock up on some snacks for the Super Bowl...
These carts are the BEST :)
 Just like daddy...
 He LOVES having his picture taken...
Gordon is now applying for jobs and school...
Life is up in the air right now. Not sure where we'll be 6 months for now!
Until then, we are LOVING having Gord home with us.
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