8 Months

This sweet boy is growing up... he is no longer a baby, but starting to become a little boy...
He got his 3rd hair cut this month... so now  there are 3 of us with Mohawks ;)
 These two boys love each other so much! They play so well together and Tydon is such a good big bro
Weighing in at 19lbs these days... starting to thin out the more he moves around
We can't keep him still for very long... army crawlin and pretty good at the stink bug too
He doesn't like the tile on his knees so he tries to crawl on his toes :)
Bath time is always a treat... this boy LOVES to splash!!
Such a good eater!
Even if it causes a shiver {peas} he doesn't spit anything out.
Always uses his index finger to pick things up...
Such a joy this sweet guy is!


90 Years Young

Last Saturday we ventured to Twin Falls to celebrate Gord's grandpa's 90th birthday
He is such a sweet man. 
He was so grateful for all of the support from friends and family.
 These are all of his children
--minus Janet-- Gord's mom is serving a mission in South Dakota
Happy Birthday Grandpa Ostler!!
We love you


I want one!!

Enter HERE if you want one to!


Way Overdue...

I've been a blog slacker lately, I'll be the first to admit.
So here's a quick update of what's been going on...
Gord turned 30!!!
 Happy Birthday to my BEST FRIEND!!

I got to spend Mother's Day with some of my dad's family
{That's his oldest sister Kathy in the middle}
So fun to see these girls!
After we named Henson my grandma told me it was a family name.
Kathy pulled out the book to show us.

My mom and grandma came to town for a couple days and stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake so we met them for swimming, shopping and yummy food!
While they were here, Tydon had a gymnastics recital
He was so excited about his balloon he slept with hit ;)
{love this kid}
Our landlord invited us over for a Brazilian dinner.
It was fun learning how to make something new and the girls were so much fun!
I got to meet up with my friends from West Jordan for a baby shower for one of our friends!
Love you girls...

Two of my other friends had babies too so they sent me pictures of their diaper bags so I could make some matching wipe cases
Memorial Weekend was much needed... We spent time with our families in ID
We went on a little razor ride with Gord's fam
Henson was such a good boy. 
It rained {of course} but we found a spot where we could make a fire and be protected by the trees.
Lunch, YUM!
Tydon can't get enough of the motorcycles.
My dad was happy to take him for a ride when we got there
Before we headed home we HAD to stop and see some friends.
So fun to meet baby London and catch up!

Gordon has been on a pretty big project at work. They built 2 overpasses on the side of the freeway and then moved them into place... crazy I know. So I let Tydon stay up late and we went over and watched.
This is the 4th part they moved into place. Pretty amazing!

More updates to come...
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