A Season of change...

I'll be the first to admit that I've been a terrible blogger lately...
I just haven't been in the mood for a few months.
I've just had other priorities I guess. Do you ever get that way?!

Well... December has been a weird month.
Gordon went to work December 3rd and when I called him at 10am to see what time he thought he'd be off for the day he said, "I'll be home in an hour, I just got laid off." 
{Merry Christmas}
They just said it was a trickle effect from the big lay off the company did in May.
So... now what?!
I have to be honest. Gordon didn't love his job. It was a good "job" that paid the bills, but definately not a career for him. He worked long hours {sometimes between 60-80 a week} and was paid salary for 40. He left before the boys got up and got home an hour or two before they went to bed or sometimes didn't see them at all. I've actually seen some positive changes in Gordon since the lay off and we are optimistic about the future. The boys LOVE having their dad home and it has been so nice not having to worry about rushing back to Utah so he can go to work on Monday. We are looking at this as an opportunity for something better. He is even considering going back to school. He has always wanted to get his Master's Degree, but never could have done it working where he was. 
So for now he is going to continue to apply for jobs and start studying for the GMAT.

I've noticed a change in myself through this time in our lives... it was nice having that security of a weekly pay check. I'm a planner and like to have something to look forward to. I have faith and I know that there is a plan for us, but the unknown for me has been hard. I'm not one to fake it and just put on a happy face.

Some of my thoughts lately-
I've enjoyed being able to attend the temple weekly... great comfort is found in the house of the Lord.
Waking up next to Gordon each morning is the best!
Seeing Gordon less stressed and happier... worth it!
How are we going to pay all the bills when the money runs out?
Should I look for a job?
I'm so happy my boys are too young to understand.
I've loved going to the gym together :)
I'm grateful for good friends and their support.
We aren't the only ones facing this challenge right now.
Should we move back to ID?
What am I suppose to learn from this?

I'm grateful that Gordon is positive and optimisic. I'm so proud of him and the amazing father and husband that he is. I'm grateful we have each other to lean on and make decisions with. Yes, this is a pretty big deal, but no it's not something we can't handle. I know that our Father in heaven is watching over us and that he has a plan for us.

So... it's a Season of change and we are looking forward to a New Year and a new adventure.

We are in ID with family until... well we really don't know when. I guess until we feel like going back to UT :)

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays and wish you a Happy New Year!!


October to November...

I'll be the first to admit that I've been horrible at updating lately...
I still can't believe November is more than half way over.
Thanksgiving is next week... really?!

So here is a quick recap of our Oct and the beginning of Nov

Little "H" turned 1 yr -
We love this little guy to pieces and are so grateful for his sweet spirit.
He was battling ear infections all of Oct so he still hasn't had his own Bday cake...
Poor kid!

Tydon LOVED Itty Bitty Football again this year.
He is such a stud!

I met up with a friend at a new pizza place in town NYPD Pizza
It was sooo yummy!
Tydon loved making his own pizza :)

We finished the month off with a fun weekend ALL about Tydon!
It started Friday when he woke up to see that Grandpa and Brody had come to visit :)
{They were on their way to Green River for the weekend}
Then later that night we went to a Halloween Party
My aunt and her kids showed up later that night to celebrate the weekend with us.
Saturday morning Tydon chose his favorite breakfast... Pumpkin Pancakes with buttermilk syrup and Powdered Sugar :)
Then we made a quick visit to see G&G Eaton in Riverton.
On to Yogurtland... can't tell you how excited I am that this is in town :)
The weather was decent for Halloween this year
 Then we made our way to Gardner Village to find the Witches
Next stop was Wheeler Farm...
I had to laugh because Gordon got more excited to take a picture of this thing than he did his own kids while we were there...
Yes... live pack rats... look for them next time you are there!
Just as we were leaving it started to rain... perfect time to hit up CHUCK E CHEESE
He's been talking about going there for months!
He LOVED it... but said Lagoon was more fun :)
Then we headed home for presents...
Cake and Ice Cream...
And we were so happy the cousins were here to take Tydon
Trick or Treating
Fun way to end the month!!

November has been pretty busy so far...
I just took the boys to ID for a week and it was lots of fun.

The boys always look forward to visiting Great at the mall.
One night I got to meet up with several of my HS friends :)
It was a blast catching up!
I left the boys with my sis-in-law for the weekend and went to Phoenix for the weekend...
forgot my camera {so sad} but the 84 degree weather was fabulous... poolside... Yogurtland... yummy food... catching up with friends and some more travel planning... such a fun weekend!

Gordon was super excited to have us home :) We missed him lots!
This weekend we get to have our cousins over for a couple nights while their mom and dad go to a wedding in Nauvoo. Tydon and Henson are lovin it!
We are looking forward to hitting the road again next week to visit our family in ID!
Guess it's time to start thinking about Christmas.... crazy!!


Happy Halloween/Birthday!!

We are looking forward to a fun day!

Happy Halloween
Happy Birthday Tydon!!


We LOVE Fall...

We made yummy Pumpkin Pancakes one morning!!
This one really looked like a pumpkin :)

It's Football Season...

Tydon LOVED Itty Bitty FB again this year
It's also Birthday season around here...
Henson was excited to talk to Grandma Wood on his birthday!

More updates to come :)


What if it were true...

What if you could experience this...
5 days... 4 nights...
at a 4 DIAMOND {yes better than Stars}Resort
All your meals...

My Grandma :)
 My mom :)

My dad

My brother


Sea Lions...
Cute, but fishy :)
 Zip Lining...

Green Fees...
and have the opportunity to serve at an orphanage...

for $349 a person!!
{didn't include airfare}

Would you do it??
We did and it was AMAZING!!

 Thank you Dreamtrips for showing us how we can travel Wholesale vs Retail
{My family saved $4000 on this trip alone}

We are already planning our next one!
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