Happy Birthday Tydon!!

This month has been full of several Birthday parties for Tydon. We started this week off at my parents to celebrate my brother (16) and Tydon(2)...
Yesterday was Tydon's official Birth-day!! I can't believe how fast time flies. He had such a fun day... He was sooo excited to dress up like a FOOTBALL PLAYER. He had 8 little friends show up and we were so excited to get pictures of them all dressed up!
They were ALL sooo cute!!
The weather was PERFECT for us so the kids played outside....

We ALWAYS forget to get the video camera out for stuff... but Gord got a little bit this time.
After all of Tydon's friends went home we headed over to Tyler and Heidi Hill's for AWESOME homemade Chilli and to celebrate some more birthday fun for Tyler and Tydon.

It was such a fun day!! I love this time of year and look forward to many more Halloween/Birthday parties for Tydon.


Oh by the way...

Well... I was super excited because Sew n Tell WON for my new business name and it was my favorite too!! BUT... the name was already taken on blogspot and so the only name available was Sew n Things. It's not all bad because it's broad enough that it doesn't just limit me to sewing projects so I'm happy with it. Anyway... Thank you to all of you that voted. Click on the link to the right to see my blog for new projects.

OH and by the way... Gordon received his FIRST job offer last Friday!! We are still waiting to hear back from 3 others, but I will keep you posted. Thanks again to all of you out there who are praying for us, I know it is truly blessing our lives.


Gord took me FLYING!!

Yesterday it was a PERFECT Fall day out in Mud Lake so Gord took me up in his dad's flying machine. It has a huge parachute on the back with a motor and is sooo much fun! The last time he took me was when we were engaged 4 years ago!

I've been working hard to try and get some changing pads done for consignment. Here's a preview of what I'm taking in tomorrow!!

I also talked to the lady at the Baby Boutique in Idaho Falls and she wants some as well. I'm planning to take some to her next week!!


Blessing Dress

My sister-in-law is pretty amazing with her sewing machine. She is the one that has inspired me to sew. Teri made this blessing dress for our little niece who is being blessed in a couple weeks.

What do you think?!


I am so PROUD of my little brother. They went undefeated this year!! Their last game was against Rigby and it was a good defeat.

Tydon LOVES football so he was excited to go to the game.

My brother is such a STUD in his pads!!


Super Saturday!!

Today I had the opportunity to go to Super Saturday with my sister-in-law Teri. These are a couple things I made. It was fun to hang out with Teri for a couple hours and make some new crafts.

I want to make some fun magnets to match...

This hangs on the wall.


Hope you can come!!

This will probably be the last time we will be able to get all of Tydon's friends together before we move. We still don't know where yet, but we should know sometime in November!! Please come if you can. We are going to take pictures of all the kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes!!


Playing catch up!!

The Wood family has several birthdays in October so we got together and had one BIG party last Sunday.

Tydon was so excited to open presents. He isn't quite two yet, but he is getting smarter and smarter everyday. We love him so much!!

The next few posts are from the last couple weeks!! Living out of a suitcase causes me to get behind!! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE NAME - thanks for your help!

My MAN!!

Gordon has LOVED living out in Mud Lake!! He is close to hunting, fishing and BOY STUFF!! He is such a good dad. Tydon wants to do everything that he does. He even wants to wrestle just like dad!

Gord went hunting last Friday with his brother Byron and they both came home with an elk!! Gord was pretty excited. It was a spike hunt close to his parents' house so it worked out good. Luckily HE made it home safely - he rolled his dad's 4-wheeler and got a flat tire on his pick-up!! Glad he didn't need any repairs :)

Saturday was West Jefferson's ALUMNI FOOTBALL GAME... They started the tradition last year and Gord gets pretty excited for it. It was fun to see him in pads again :)

I love this guy so much! I'm grateful for his patience and willingness to work hard. He has another interview today and we are crossing our fingers that we'll have a job in a few weeks!!

Happy Birthday Brody!!

My little brother turned 16 on Monday!! I can't believe he can date now. It makes me feel old to see him grow up! He is such a good kid and I am so proud of him. Luv ya Bro.

Quick trip to Blackfoot

Last Thursday my brother had another football game. Bonneville @ Blackfoot. It was a blowout!! Bonneville won 57-8 This week they play Rigby and it will probably be their toughest game of the season!! Good Luck Bro!

While I was in Blackfoot I went over to Lonny and Jesse Walker's house to meet their new baby Halle June Walker. She is such a doll!!

Congrats you two!!

On the road again...

Last week Gordon had an interview in Utah so we had a little road trip. We left on Monday and stayed the night at Kate and Jeremy's house in Provo. We love these two so much!! It was so much fun to see them again! Gordon's interview wasn't until Tuesday night so we spent the day test driving cars, shopping at Cabella's and watching the animals at Thanksgiving Point.

Gord left for his interview and Tydon and I hung out with Kate and Jeremy.

Later that night we went to Tucanos for dinner!! YUM! Then went back to relax!

Wednesday morning we went to Ikea (LOVE this store)Tydon wants a big boy bed so he had to test them all out.

For lunch we met up with Jared and Jamie Hobbs at Gateway mall. It was so good to see them again. They are some of the best people we know. We miss you guys!

After lunch the Hobbs let us use their discovery pass and we took Tydon. He LOVED it!!

On the way home we stopped at Smith and Edward's to stock up on candy for the ride home! It was so much fun to spend time together as a family and visit some of our BEST friends.


I NEED your HELP!!

All of you know I have been quite the THREAD HEAD lately!! I LOVE to sew and craft. Last Friday I took my changing pads into the old Sugar Mill in Rigby. I've been meaning to try and get them in a boutique for a while now and haven't done it... The lady was so excited and wanted 20 that day!! I'm pretty excited about it, but now I have to come up with a name for my little business venture. PLEASE help me out!! You can VOTE to the right on the name you like the best and any other ideas or comments will be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS FRIENDS!!


Another fun wipe case!!

I made this wipe case recently for my cousin Crystal. She requested brown and blue and this is what I came up with.



Well... it is official! We got our first snow TODAY!! yuck

I was driving home from Idaho Falls to Mud Lake and it happened...

It didn't take long before it started to stick-

I'm really NOT ready for this!! I don't like the cold.

Happy Birthday GREAT!!

My Grandma's birthday is on Monday so we celebrated early and had a party for her last night at my mom's house. All the husbands were out hunting so we had a girls night and played cards until 1am!! I never stay up this late! It was fun to have a sleepover at my mom's house. Thx mom!

Tydon was a good helper with the presents.

He LOVED Great's new furry flip flops

The cake was DELICIOUS!

I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday :)

Such a GOOD BOY!!

Yesterday Tydon and I went to town shopping. We went to Kohl's, they were having an awesome SALE!! While we were there... Tydon told me he needed to go potty!

Again... at Target!

AND in the GAP!! I didn't get pictures at all 3 places, but I was SOOOO proud of him. He does great at home, but I make sure he has a Pull-Up on when we leave the house. Maybe he's catching on...


Since being out in Mud Lake Tydon has enjoyed the new scenery. He is surrounded by lots of family to entertain him.

One day while I was sewing he decided he needed to help so I set him up with a little fun of his own. When I was younger I LOVED to thread buttons. I would do it for hours at my great grandma's house. Tydon is still a little young for a needle and thread, so he's starting off with a plastic needle, yarn and Fruit Loops!

He was really concentrating...

Loves this sweet boy!
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