I NEED your HELP!!

All of you know I have been quite the THREAD HEAD lately!! I LOVE to sew and craft. Last Friday I took my changing pads into the old Sugar Mill in Rigby. I've been meaning to try and get them in a boutique for a while now and haven't done it... The lady was so excited and wanted 20 that day!! I'm pretty excited about it, but now I have to come up with a name for my little business venture. PLEASE help me out!! You can VOTE to the right on the name you like the best and any other ideas or comments will be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS FRIENDS!!


Dot said...

OH my gosh--what cute names--it is hard to pick--can I vote more than once? LOL

Judy said...

I like "sew crazy", its cute. Congrats! That is so awesome.

Kate & Jeremy said...

how exciting friend! you need to show her your bad that you made too! you're so talented, i love it! keep us updated!! i'm glad you are getting practiced up on all this fun stuff for when i have kids.. i'll be buying one of everything from you! congratulations.. thats so awesome! love you

Kate & Jeremy said...

bag... not bad...OOPS

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