Such a GOOD BOY!!

Yesterday Tydon and I went to town shopping. We went to Kohl's, they were having an awesome SALE!! While we were there... Tydon told me he needed to go potty!

Again... at Target!

AND in the GAP!! I didn't get pictures at all 3 places, but I was SOOOO proud of him. He does great at home, but I make sure he has a Pull-Up on when we leave the house. Maybe he's catching on...

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Heather and Parker Lyons said...

Question....does he actually GO? Or does he just like to talk about it. I'm with the perfect child that he probably goes. That's so amazing! You have an awesome kid. Caleb is scared to sit on the potty. He likes to pretend and we talk about it all the time, but when push comes to shove....he hasn't gone yet, and he's scared to sit. You're such a lucky mom. Is he even two yet? Whoa. That just baffles me.

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