Gord took me FLYING!!

Yesterday it was a PERFECT Fall day out in Mud Lake so Gord took me up in his dad's flying machine. It has a huge parachute on the back with a motor and is sooo much fun! The last time he took me was when we were engaged 4 years ago!

I've been working hard to try and get some changing pads done for consignment. Here's a preview of what I'm taking in tomorrow!!

I also talked to the lady at the Baby Boutique in Idaho Falls and she wants some as well. I'm planning to take some to her next week!!


Kate & Jeremy said...

you have been busy!! that is CRAZY!! they are all so cute!!
i remember gord wanted to take a bunch of us to mud lake to take us flying when i first started hanging out with him and the gang... i didn't know thats what the "plane" looked like! thats so fun! glad you guys are having a good time there!!

Heather and Parker Lyons said...

You are so completely gifted! Your projects are SO CUTE! I love your taste.

Sarah said...

Dang you HAVE been busy. Those changing pads all look awesome! And the flying machine looks like so much fun! A little chilly though.

Peterson Family said...

How fun!!! Travis would be so jealous, I am too for that matter!
You are so talented Chelsey!

Jared and Jami Hobbs said...

Good Job Chels. I really need to get some of these cute things from you. YOu are very talented!! They are so cute.

Jessica said...

Did he make that flying machine? I've never seen anything like it. Looks like it would be fun though.

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