My MAN!!

Gordon has LOVED living out in Mud Lake!! He is close to hunting, fishing and BOY STUFF!! He is such a good dad. Tydon wants to do everything that he does. He even wants to wrestle just like dad!

Gord went hunting last Friday with his brother Byron and they both came home with an elk!! Gord was pretty excited. It was a spike hunt close to his parents' house so it worked out good. Luckily HE made it home safely - he rolled his dad's 4-wheeler and got a flat tire on his pick-up!! Glad he didn't need any repairs :)

Saturday was West Jefferson's ALUMNI FOOTBALL GAME... They started the tradition last year and Gord gets pretty excited for it. It was fun to see him in pads again :)

I love this guy so much! I'm grateful for his patience and willingness to work hard. He has another interview today and we are crossing our fingers that we'll have a job in a few weeks!!

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