We LOVE Fall

We are loving the Fall weather around here....

We went to Thanksgiving Point with some friends and the boys loved riding the horses.

 "H Pile" turned 2!!
 Tough stuff...
 Look at those lips!

Tydon's birthday is coming up this month too. We went to San Diego for Gord's nephew's wedding so we made it a long weekend and went to Sea World to celebrate the boys' birthdays.

 The boys were exhausted after the fun day :)
 The next day we went to the beach in La Jolla...
 It was chilly, but the boys still LOVED it.

 Typical boy... not afraid to get dirty!
 Gord and Tydon built a sandcastle 
 Nice work!

I look forward to date nights with my man! We went on a Provo River cruise and they had over 100 carved, lit pumpkins. It was an experience...
 This guy makes me smile and laugh til I hurt :)

We had a family night at Hee Haw Farms. The boys LOVED riding the horses, sliding down the big slide, swinging on the tires, corn maze and picking out their pumpkins 
I wish this 70 degree weather would last about 1 month longer....


The 4th and Slip n Slide...

 Lunch at the park :)

What a fun day in the Sun.

By the end of the day the neighborhood kids had joined us :)
We LOVE Summer!!

Henson's eye...

We have NEVER seen or experienced 
anything like this before!

A few weeks ago I picked the boys up from my sister-in-law's 
house. They stayed with her while I was in Palm Springs.

Trin (Gord's sister) said that Henson had been stung by a bee (or so she thought)
a couple days earlier. He was outside and grabbed his eye and yelled "owie!" He never cried though, but she said it looked like he had been stung.
He didn't have an allergic reaction or anything and there was a tiny scab left over, but was healing fine.

That was on Tuesday...
Wednesday afternoon his eye started to get kind of blood shot and red
and then we woke up to this Thursday morning
Day 1
 The Dr thought he had developed Staph infection
from the bee sting and gave us some eye drops
and put him on Augmenten 
(He also had a fever of 103.7)

Day 2 
Day 3
(okay... maybe it is suppose to get worse before it gets better)
 Day 4
(Starting to get worried at this point)
 That night we stayed with my grandma at Little America
downtown SLC. 

Poor Henson didn't get to go to the pool with us...
He stayed up in the room with "Great" and took a bath while we played.

 Dad gave Tydon a few lessons...

Day 5
Monday morning we woke up and it was even worse...
So we headed over to Primary Children's ER.

He was admitted...
They did a culture...
an eye specialist was called...
he dilated his eyes...
we waited...
and waited...
finally fell asleep...

after the exam we were told it was herpes instead of staph infection.
Basically a HUGE cold sore on the poor boy's eye.

Luckily nothing was on the eyeball itself so we were relieved.

We were sent home with 3 different prescriptions (oral, topical and inside the eye)

Day 6
(Really spreading now- mouth, other eye, chin...)
 Each day it started to heal...

And finally... 2 weeks later...

This was definitely scary! I'm so grateful we got the right medication
and his eye is healing.
The eye specialist double checked this week and his eye looks clear so there shouldn't be any major damage. Just hoping there isn't any scarring either.

Grateful for modern medicine and the right medication.

Back to ID, the new business and more travel...

My parents went to Vegas for the weekend
so I took the boys and we went and stayed the weekend with

This was all Tydon could think about while we were there :)

Gordon recently started his own business...

Wood Works Contracting
(We are in the process of designing his logo)

He is working on getting his general contractors license,
so he is going to be doing remodels, finish work and handyman stuff.

He is sooo good at what he does and he is really enjoying it.

He is remodeling a home in SLC right now. 
Here are a few of the most recent pics...

Kitchen with new cabinets
 In the middle of taping before the paint...
 Hall closet...
 Laundry/Mud Room to outside back patio
 Front of the house waiting to be painted...

It is coming along... Should be up for sale in a few weeks!!
I'm so proud of Gordon and all of the hard work that is going into this home.

When Gord was getting started on his house I flew to Palm Springs 
for a personal development training... what an AMAZING experience!

The conference took place at the Grand Champions Hyatt

The rooms are gorgeous...
 Each one has a step down sitting area with it's own balcony...
 The grounds are beautiful...
Very kid friendly
 It was great meeting some new people and 
getting reacquainted with old friends :)
 Sandy from TX
 Our trainer and one of my mentors Marc Acetta
 It was definitely a Journey...
 Another mentor, Mike Azcue
 This group from TX knows how to have
fun!! Can't wait to see them in Vegas :)
 This was the view from my condo...
13th Green at Oasis Country Club.
(Wishing Gord would have been with me so we could have golfed)
 My rental car!!
(okay... I wish... Beautiful Bentley sitting at the hotel)
 What an amazing trip...
I learned a lot about myself and can honestly say
I'll never be the same after an experience like this training provided!

I look forward to taking friends and family with me next year.
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