Henson's eye...

We have NEVER seen or experienced 
anything like this before!

A few weeks ago I picked the boys up from my sister-in-law's 
house. They stayed with her while I was in Palm Springs.

Trin (Gord's sister) said that Henson had been stung by a bee (or so she thought)
a couple days earlier. He was outside and grabbed his eye and yelled "owie!" He never cried though, but she said it looked like he had been stung.
He didn't have an allergic reaction or anything and there was a tiny scab left over, but was healing fine.

That was on Tuesday...
Wednesday afternoon his eye started to get kind of blood shot and red
and then we woke up to this Thursday morning
Day 1
 The Dr thought he had developed Staph infection
from the bee sting and gave us some eye drops
and put him on Augmenten 
(He also had a fever of 103.7)

Day 2 
Day 3
(okay... maybe it is suppose to get worse before it gets better)
 Day 4
(Starting to get worried at this point)
 That night we stayed with my grandma at Little America
downtown SLC. 

Poor Henson didn't get to go to the pool with us...
He stayed up in the room with "Great" and took a bath while we played.

 Dad gave Tydon a few lessons...

Day 5
Monday morning we woke up and it was even worse...
So we headed over to Primary Children's ER.

He was admitted...
They did a culture...
an eye specialist was called...
he dilated his eyes...
we waited...
and waited...
finally fell asleep...

after the exam we were told it was herpes instead of staph infection.
Basically a HUGE cold sore on the poor boy's eye.

Luckily nothing was on the eyeball itself so we were relieved.

We were sent home with 3 different prescriptions (oral, topical and inside the eye)

Day 6
(Really spreading now- mouth, other eye, chin...)
 Each day it started to heal...

And finally... 2 weeks later...

This was definitely scary! I'm so grateful we got the right medication
and his eye is healing.
The eye specialist double checked this week and his eye looks clear so there shouldn't be any major damage. Just hoping there isn't any scarring either.

Grateful for modern medicine and the right medication.


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