Heritage Makers Super SALE!!!

For those of you that are interested in Heritage Makers (digital scrapbooking) you can go to my virtual party for more information. I am in the process of putting together a book for Gordon, "Reasons I Love You.." and our Florida trip. Click on Digital Scrapbooking and take a tour. There is a SALE going on right now through Sunday on all of their products. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!


Go Grandma!!!

My mom came to town last Friday to ride her horse in a Barrel Race here in Pocatello. I took Tydon with me and he was sooo excited to see Grandma and the animals. My mom did AWESOME... she placed 4th out of 98 girls and went home with a check for $214 and won some door prizes too. Tydon was so cute cheering for her.

The best part was after Grandma got done and Tydon got to ride Lexie. He LOVES animals and so far hasn't been afraid of any that we've met.


My mom is such a fun Grandma and keeps my little guy busy and of course... dirty!

Just for fun

Last Saturday I was super busy and Tydon needed his hair cut REALLY bad so I asked Gord to help me out... Tydon loves getting his hair cut so it was a good job for dad.

Bath time is always play time for Tydon. He loves water and is starting to get quite the imagination... it is fun to watch him find new ways of doing things.

This kid will do anything for a good laugh or attention. He thought it was so funny to play in the potty...

These boys are too much fun. One day Gord was lying on the couch and so Tydon made his way to the other end and curled up under the blanket. Anything to be like DAD!

There is never a dull moment with two boys in the house! I love these two so much and I'm so grateful for the fun we have everyday! Life wouldn't be complete without them.


Tydon has several girl friends, but not all of them get to live downstairs! The Bradshaw's live in our basement and they have a little girl named Lily. She just turned 1 in July and knows exactly where to find Tydon. One morning we could hear a knock at the door so Tydon went to see who it was... sure enough it was Lily! They reach under the door for each other until someone opens the door so they can play.

That same day Lily came to play for the evening! They had TONS of fun in the tub. It has been so much fun having friends so close to hang out with anytime and to swap kids when needed :)


Heritage Makers

For my birthday Gordon got me all set up with Heritage Makers. It is a digital scrapbook company that has the best products for the money that I could find. I just made our Blog Title today and I'm so excited to get going with it. If you are interested in looking at what they have to offer, let me know and I'll send you an e-mail with more info. I was always scared to start scrap booking because of cost and space, but this way you do everything online and you don't have to waste your computer's storage space or find room for all of your paper and embellishments. It is awesome!

Since I've been home....

Tydon has loved all of his fun stuff that we brought him home from Florida... Here are a couple of his new treasures.

Gordon also got to come home to a few new surprises... Before I left for Florida I planned out a scavenger hunt for him each day. I would text him the clue each morning so he had something to look forward to while I was gone. He loved it!! Since he couldn't handle it and came to visit... he had a few items he hadn't found. Of course I saved the best coupons for last ;)


Class of '98 Reunion

Gord has officially been graduated 10 YEARS!! I have to give him a hard time... Here are most of the people that showed up to mingle. He had 63 in his graduating class and there were about 30 that came. It was fun to meet some of his friends from High School and see how they have changed.

After the reunion we went to the Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo to eat dinner. Tydon loves hot dogs and french fries so he was in heaven!

Grandma and Grandpa Wood-

Orlando Trip

It feels good to be home again! Two weeks is a long time, but it was sooo much fun! Tydon stayed with Gordon's sister in Mud Lake and I took Baylee, Braxton and Ethan the first week. The second week Ethan flew home and my brother and Gordon (yup he couldn't live without me so he came for week two!!) came. We had a blast and I was so happy to have Gord there for our Anniversary. Here are a few pics from the trip...

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