Orlando Trip

It feels good to be home again! Two weeks is a long time, but it was sooo much fun! Tydon stayed with Gordon's sister in Mud Lake and I took Baylee, Braxton and Ethan the first week. The second week Ethan flew home and my brother and Gordon (yup he couldn't live without me so he came for week two!!) came. We had a blast and I was so happy to have Gord there for our Anniversary. Here are a few pics from the trip...


Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

LOve all the pictures! I think it's so sweet that Gordon came up and visited you.

Kate & Jeremy said...

you didn't even call or text me to tell me you were home.. then again i didn't check on you either.. so i guess that makes us both bad friends! so glad you had such a great time.. and even more glad gord got to meet you out there.. 2 weeks is too long for you two to be away from each other! love all the pictures.. and need to come see them in person... ASAP!! call me when you get a chance to tell me all about it! love you

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