Since I've been home....

Tydon has loved all of his fun stuff that we brought him home from Florida... Here are a couple of his new treasures.

Gordon also got to come home to a few new surprises... Before I left for Florida I planned out a scavenger hunt for him each day. I would text him the clue each morning so he had something to look forward to while I was gone. He loved it!! Since he couldn't handle it and came to visit... he had a few items he hadn't found. Of course I saved the best coupons for last ;)

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Kate & Jeremy said...

thats so fun!! i bet he did LOVE it!! i did that for jeremy when i left early from north carolina last summer and he LOVED it!! now if we can just get them to do things like that for us Ü jk.. they are both pretty good about that stuff huh!!

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