Go Grandma!!!

My mom came to town last Friday to ride her horse in a Barrel Race here in Pocatello. I took Tydon with me and he was sooo excited to see Grandma and the animals. My mom did AWESOME... she placed 4th out of 98 girls and went home with a check for $214 and won some door prizes too. Tydon was so cute cheering for her.

The best part was after Grandma got done and Tydon got to ride Lexie. He LOVES animals and so far hasn't been afraid of any that we've met.


My mom is such a fun Grandma and keeps my little guy busy and of course... dirty!

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Kate & Jeremy said...

that picture of tydon on the horse with his CHEESER is my fav!! fun new posts chels! i always get on and check yours first thingÜ and always love to see when there is a new little surprise!! i need to see you soon! and your two sweeties too! your such a cute mom chels.

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