Yum! I can't wait...

I love BBQ season!!
We are getting together tonight with some friends since we are moving away.
It feels like we just got here. Oh wait, we did!

I volunteered to bring my favorite Summer treat, Fruit Pizza...
Can you resist all that yummy fruit??
I think not!
Wish I had a piece to share with everyone ;)
Click on Fruit Pizza for the recipe


The weekend and some fun To Dos...

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. It didn't seem long enough...
Friday we got our garage cleaned out in Poky, felt weird and good saying a final goodbye to our first house.
We spent the weekend in Mud Lake.
The girls crafted on Saturday and the guys played golf (27 holes to be exact!! - Gord was in heaven)
My project...
Sunday was a great relaxing day that ended with a Wood Fam BBQ.
Gordon's dad is so cute with the grandkids!
Berkli and Tydon riding the cow...
Monday I vacuumed out the car and washed it so I could leave it with my mom. We brought her pick up back to Utah so we could haul some stuff and use it to move.
We were approved and we are officially moving Sunday!!
This is the Cragslist picture before they landscaped the front yard. This will be our new home for at least a year until we decide to buy or move. Gordon has seen it, but I haven't!!
I told my Landlord this morning and he wants to come and talk to us tonight after Gordon gets home from work... I'm really hoping he just cooperates.

Lots to do this week... Looking forward to this time next week when the moving part is done!
Then we just have to unpack. Yuck!

If you're feeling crafty this week, here are a few ideas that look fun...
Key Organizer Tutorial
Have a good week!


Progress... with some good news!

I'll just say it has been a LONG week...
I spent ALL day Monday and Tuesday driving around looking at homes in Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, American Fork, Herriman, Eagle Mountain, and Saratoga Springs.
No luck!
Yesterday I got the day off because I cut and colored my sis-in-law's hair. So cute! Wish I had a pic
So Gordon went out on his lunch break and after work to look at a few more options.
Today he went and looked again during lunch and I think we found a WINNER!
We are e-mailing our application tonight and will find out tomorrow if we have a home.
I'm nervous about calling my Landlord...
I'll wait until we know for sure, but I'm sure he isn't going to be very happy.
Wish me luck!
We should hopefully be in the new place next weekend!!
Thanks for your support and prayers

We SOLD our house in Pocatello and CLOSE tomorrow!!
We are leaving for Idaho tomorrow morning and get to stop in Poky on the way to officially sign papers and move the rest of our stuff out of the garage there.
We are so grateful to have found a buyer so quick and look forward to paying off some debt!!

I hope everyone has some fun planned for the long weekend!


What would you do??

So we have a dilemma...
Gordon was recently transferred from the West Valley office (about 25 min away during rush hour) to the Thanksgiving Pointe office (about 60 min away during rush hour). He hates the traffic so we decided it would just be easier for us to move closer to his new location. We signed a 10 month contract for our house with the VERBAL agreement from our landlord that we could sell it if we were transferred.
I called our landlord yesterday afternoon to let him know that Gordon had been transferred and that we had listed our contract on KSL earlier that morning to get it sold. We already had 3 interested people contact me so I figured I should give him a "heads up."
He said he needed to talk to his dad (whom co-signed on the house with him) and then he would get back to me. After setting up 2 more appts for people to look at the house I still hadn't heard from our landlord so I text him to see if he had spoken to his dad.
He calls back...
Gordon talked to him for at least 20 minutes. Our landlord is denying ever discussing selling the contract and says we won't get our $1000 deposit back if we move before Oct 31st.
Both Gordon and I had seperate conversations about selling our contract because we were concerned he would be getting transferred.
We realize it is our fault for not getting it in writing, but we are willing to find renters to take over our lease so he isn't out anything...

I get to call him back after we make a decision to try and convince him to let us sell our contract.

A few things on my mind...
The first 3 months we lived here our landlord would text me at the end of the month requesting rent early when it wasn't due until the 5th. He finally stopped after I said something to him.
He advertised that the Club House and Pool were apart of the contract, come to find out they are not!! Grrr...
We have made awesome friends here and I really don't want to leave them yet.
I have 4 appointments set up to show the house tomorrow and could possibly have the place rented June 1st, but I'm going to cancel them if he is going to be...
We really like the house and it finally feels like home.
We are expecting a baby the beginning of Oct and I really don't want to be moving with a newborn.
We can find a bigger house for the same price closer to Gord's work.
I'm a landlord myself and understand his concerns about finding good renters, people that will take care of the house...
We realize it is our fault for not getting the VERBAl part of the agreement in writing, but if he wants to be dishonest and pretend that he never discussed that option with us then we will be out by the 31st and he can lose some $$
Losing $1000 is A LOT of money! For both of us
We would be saving time and $$ by moving closer to Gord's new office.

So... What would you do??
Would you stay or would you go??


A week in Idaho

Well the week started out with this...
I rode to Idaho with Gordon's brother and met my grandma. On the way back to her house we got a flat tire at 10:30pm so we decided to park it for the night and worry about it Monday. Luckily my friend Nikki came to the rescue and picked us up...
Have fun in Germany Nikki, I'm going to miss you!!
On Monday my dad came to help and got a new tire for my grandma.
Tydon and I spent Monday afternoon at the laundry mat getting all the bedding washed and then headed back to my mom's for some deep cleaning...

Tuesday and Wednesday my mom had Dr appointments and we finished the cleaning. She is still just taking it one day at a time, but doing better each day.

Wednesday night I went to visit one of my friends from High School. We actually got pretty close in college and I'm so glad we did. She is such a sweety. She just bought a new house so I went over to visit. I stole her picture from facebook!

Thursday was a crazy day...
Tydon had a runny nose all week and he coughed all night and Thursday morning he wasn't breathing too good. He just wanted to lay around and sleep so I decided I better take him into Urgent Care. They gave him a breathing treatment and took a chest x-ray to see what was going on. Sure enough the PA said he had Bronchitis so I was off to the pharmacy for some meds. My mom had to run some errands so she took the car and I was left with my grandma's car. Normally this would be fun, but not when you are taking your sick kid to the Dr.
On the way home from the pharmacy Tydon threw up in the backseat!!
I was FREAKING out. This car is my grandma's baby and she only drives it on special occasions or to take it to the car wash.
It was almost 5pm and that's when she gets of work so I hurried back to her house, got Tydon out of his seat, stripped him and put him in the tub. I frantically took the car seat out and took it apart to get the cover in the washer and then I was back out to the car with soap and water to start scrubbing. Luckily it wasn't too bad, grateful for leather seats!! I got Tydon cleaned up, dressed and on the couch watching Diego before she walked through the door. I was sweating... nothing like a little excitement for the day.
Anyone that knows "Great" would understand my distress :)

After I got Tydon to bed, our Mother's Day party started.
"Great" got me a pedicure so I could have cute toes for the weekend.
It felt sooo good!! Every woman deserves some pampering.
Then it was time for dinner...
We LOVE artichokes thanks to my Grandpa. He was the best cook!

Is that the biggest piece of crab meat you've ever seen??? It was soo yummy!!
My Aunt got 3 packages of crab legs
1 lobster tail
2 artichokes
She made super yummy Hot Wing Dip too (I'll have to get the recipe)
All of this was for 4 people!!
To cook Crab Legs:

Keep Crab Legs frozen until you preheat the oven
Preheat oven to 250
Rinse the Crab under warm water to get ice off
Lay on cookie sheet
Bake in oven until warm to touch
Serve HOT!! amazing...

We like to dip the crab meat in butter and squeeze fresh lemon on top! YUM!!
I slept very well that night ;)

Tydon was feeling much better Friday morning and excited to go to Mud Lake for the weekend. Gordon's mom is such an amazing person! She is always willing to help where needed. I love her! Gordon's dad is so cute with Tydon too. Tydon loves riding the tractor and the horses with grandpa.
After I dropped Tydon off with Janet, I headed back to my parents to load up and head to Boise with my dad and Brody. We stayed with my dad's sister. After dinner we headed to...
We rode Go Karts for 3 hours!! It was a blast.
My favorite was when all they had left was a double so I rode with my dad and we SMOKED em' it was fun!
We got to sleep in Saturday morning, ate breakfast and headed to the water.
We ski on man-made lakes. There was a Pro Water Skier in town so we took Brody over to ski with him.
Getting ready...
Black and Pink Malibu...
My dad rode in the boat to listen to the critiquing.
After we left Broadside we headed over to Gilbert Lake to pick up my dad's new boat.
We were all so excited to get in the water for the first time this year.
It was 70 degrees with no wind, it couldn't have been better!

Brody was still tired from skiing with Nick so I got to go first.
I was just excited I still fit in my wetsuit!!

Then my dad...
Then Brody... Look at the water!! Glass
Brody is getting so good! I'm pretty sure he's going to beat my dad at one of the tournaments this year... :) I'm glad I got enjoy the water once this Summer even though I'm prego.
Gotta start em young!! ha ha

Thanks family for a fun week in Idaho!!
I'm happy to be back home with my hubby.


I can't wait...

It has been so much fun to be home with my family for the week.
My mom is making progress everyday and will be ready to go back home tomorrow.
The cleaning is done and the laundry is almost caught up...
Tonight we are going to have a pre-Mother's Day celebration with my mom, one of her sisters and "Great."

We are starting the evening off with...
Then back to "Great's" house for some...
Then settling in for our favorite Thursday night shows...
The 100 episode... and the Wedding!!
Then it's off to bed for a good night's rest before the big weekend...

I'm take a little road trip
With my dad and Brody
Planning to...
Enjoy some fun in the Sun...
In this...
But hopefully none of this...
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Happy Mother's Day...


Fun for Toddlers...

It's been a fun busy week so far in Idaho. Glad I'm here to help... pretty sure my mom is a little relieved as well. I'm looking forward to the weekend!! I'll post a sneak peek tomorrow.

Until then... here are a few fun ideas for Toddlers.
Fun to learn ABCs and Counting...
These would be a fun rainy afternoon activity
Homemade Fingerpaints
Every kid needs one of these
Crayon Roll Tutorial
When we have a little girl, this will be on the list of to dos
Tutu Tutorial
Tydon would LOVE one of these... a boy theme of course ;)
Fort Table Cover
So cute!
Little Boy Belts
These would be perfect for a little girl who still fits into her old jeans,
but they're too short now
Ribbon Capris
I've wanted to make some of these for Tydon...
Homemade Bubbles
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