The weekend and some fun To Dos...

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. It didn't seem long enough...
Friday we got our garage cleaned out in Poky, felt weird and good saying a final goodbye to our first house.
We spent the weekend in Mud Lake.
The girls crafted on Saturday and the guys played golf (27 holes to be exact!! - Gord was in heaven)
My project...
Sunday was a great relaxing day that ended with a Wood Fam BBQ.
Gordon's dad is so cute with the grandkids!
Berkli and Tydon riding the cow...
Monday I vacuumed out the car and washed it so I could leave it with my mom. We brought her pick up back to Utah so we could haul some stuff and use it to move.
We were approved and we are officially moving Sunday!!
This is the Cragslist picture before they landscaped the front yard. This will be our new home for at least a year until we decide to buy or move. Gordon has seen it, but I haven't!!
I told my Landlord this morning and he wants to come and talk to us tonight after Gordon gets home from work... I'm really hoping he just cooperates.

Lots to do this week... Looking forward to this time next week when the moving part is done!
Then we just have to unpack. Yuck!

If you're feeling crafty this week, here are a few ideas that look fun...
Key Organizer Tutorial
Have a good week!


Tyson and Alli said...

LOVE the USA craft! I have one patriotic thing for our house and I want more. And I just love this! You guys did a great job!

Judy said...

Love the crafts and your house looks great! Congrats!

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