Momma I'm Coming Home...

My mom has made it through her first week since surgery. She's still staying at my grandma's house, but each day is getting a little bit better. She isn't doing well enough to return to her regular routine; work, wife and mother. (She's mostly worried about her horses not getting the exercise they need for the upcoming Barrel Races she has scheduled)
So... I'm headed home tomorrow to help out next week.
I'm sure my dad and my brother will appreciate the help. I can't even imagine what the house is going to look like after two boys have been trying to cook and survive without my mom for a week;) but I'm about to find out.

My sweet mother-in-law got me tickets to the BYU Women't Conference last week.
Two Days full of spiritual uplift!! It was amazing...
I can't believe I haven't tried to take advantage of this before.
I highly recommend this opportunity to ALL of you next year. You won't be disappointed.
More to come next week on some of my favorite quotes and thoughts.

To top off the week...
My mother-in-law took Tydon home with her today so Gordon and I get a date night and the house to ourselves!! We are going to go shopping and celebrate his birthday since I'll be gone next week.

More to come on Monday... Have a great weekend!


Judy said...

You are the best to go help your mon! She is one lucky lady! Have tons of fun.

Amber and Che said...

Your mom will be so happy you came. I would do the same for my mom. Can't wait to see if the house is a crazy mess or not. ha ha Have fun Chels! Especially on your fun date!

Tyson and Alli said...

I'm glad you get to come up and help your mom! I'm sure she's really appreciating that. Sorry she isn't feeling well too. It's never fun to have surgery!

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