Miscellaneous Monday...

You have to check out this little girl's Birthday party...
Some day I might be this ambitious.
Dolly and Me Tea Party
If you loved last weeks gift bags made from paper bags...
then you'll love these Gift Bags made from Envelopes
Sometimes buying granola can get expensive... make your own!
Homemade Granola
These are almost too cute to eat!
Spring Chickens
Homemade Peanut Butter
I just might have to learn how to crochet
Love these Cute ShoesDon't forget that April Fool's is on Wednesday!!
The World of Homemaking suggests blue water! Using nontoxic dye pellets, designed to tint children's bathwater placed in the cap of the faucet can create quit a prank.
There are some crazy fun office prank pictures over on SkeptiSys.
Rachel's Blog has several simple jokes to pull on April 1st.

There's a few more ideas at...
Martha Stewart

Family Fun

Have a great week!!


Live for Today...

It's just after midnight and I'm waiting for my dad and my brother to get here.
They are coming down to Utah for the weekend to go motorbiking and are staying the night at our house tonight.
It seems like I do a lot of thinking just before falling asleep each night.
I lie there listening to Gordon's rhythmic breathing and the wheels start turning.
I have always been this way... is it just me or is this the time women evaluate their day or plan for the events of tomorrow??
Tonight I caught myself in one of my "When I'm ____.... then___...." moments

It seems like I've always thought to the future...
"When I'm in High School... then I'll get to stay up later..."
(but really I went to bed as early as I could because I had cheer practice every AM)
"When I'm in college... then I won't have a curfew..."
(but around midnight it was time to go home anyway)
"When I'm married... then I won't have to worry about dating anymore..."
(then we miss all of those fun dates that we made time for)
"When I'm not pregnant anymore... then I'll sleep better at night..."
(except you have a new baby to care for)
"When we are done with school... then we'll finally have some money..."
(except now you get to pay off student loans :)

Have you ever found yourself saying a "When... then..." statement??
I'm probably one of the worst and Gordon teases me about it quite often.
I've realized that I need to live more for today!
Don't wish your life away looking forward to the next step or change when you are experiencing something so great right now!!
Live for today and make it your BEST!!


Fabulous Spring Giveaway!!

I normally do White Pedestal Wednesday, but can't help myself today!!
I found a FABULOUS Spring Giveaway over at 30days...

Cutest MODEST swimsuits I've seen...
and they are in UTAH!! (by appt only)

All the giveaway details are at 30days and it ends March 31st!!
Please leave a comment that I sent you.
I hope someone I know wins!!

If you hate swimsuit shopping as much as me then you know that this is a real treat!!
Good Luck!!


Miscellaneous Monday...

Happy Monday everyone!
It is a Blizzard here in UT today. I guess it is still only March so we can't complain too much.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and you're ready for a new week.
I know some of you are on Spring Break this week... enjoy!!
We kinda miss being poor college students for that reason :)

Well if you are going to be driving don't forget to check and see who has the cheapest gas prices before you fill up and along the way...
Cheapest Gas Prices

This looked pretty simple and super cute!
Paper Bag Album
What kid wouldn't want to take a bath if they had
this little friend in the tub with them?
Make your own Fish Soap
Ever wondered... how to get cookies to hold their shape while baking???
Visit Bake at 350 to find out!!
Just freeze them for 5-10 min before baking!!

I haven't done much embroidery but this would
be a cute project to display.
Embroider your kids Artwork
If you are looking for something fun to do
Check out this...
Great Tutorial Website
I want to share a couple of my favorite snacks...
When I was little the first thing I can remember making on my own was a bagel with cream cheese on it, YUM!
I was introduce to a new bagel option at 5th Street Bagelry in Pocatello.
Bagel with peanut butter and sliced bananas... yum!
Another childhood favorite is grapefruit. I would sit on my great-grandma's lap every morning and she would hand peal the grapefruit so I could enjoy every section without the peal.
Later I was introduced to this yummy treat! I love it too!!
Grapefruit with a thin layer of brown sugar on top, baked at 350 until warm, so yum!!
That's it for now. I would love to hear what some of your favorite treats are!!
Can't wait till next week... It's almost Easter and time to share some
fun ideas from all those creative ladies out there :)
Thanks for looking!

Tonight, March 23 until midnight, get a free 1-night movie rental at any Redbox location. Use promo code HG7W56 during checkout.


A fun week...

The weather in Utah has been amazing! We have tried to soak up as much sun as we could this week. We started the week off by going to Hogle Zoo with friends from our ward.

Finished the night off with some wrestling with dad...
St Patrick's Day was Gordon's sister's birthday so we went over to their house for dinner.
She made Corn Beef and Cabbage and it was DELICIOUS!!
Tuesday night is also Gord's Bowling League night so Tydon and I went along to watch this week.
He joined the league through work and got a FREE ball and shoes!

Special Needs Mutual has been a blast so far...
Last week the girls did manicures and they LOVED it!

They have it set up so a YM and YW from each ward in the Stakes within West Jordan are called and assigned to a Special Needs person. There are about 32 YM and 32 YW with Special Needs. The youth come each Thursday to help their special friend.
This has truly been amazing calling.

This week was Pinewood Derby Week for the guys... so you can imagine the excitement!
Tydon woke up and immediately found his car this morning.

While the boys went to Mutual I attended a RS Conference for our Stake.
For Book Club last month they read "Running with Angels" by Pamela Hansen.
I don't know if many of you have read this, but it is quite the story. Pamela was the guest speaker last night and shared her story along with her testimony. I can't tell you how grateful I am for a healthy son and for the many blessings in my life. We often think that life is hard and that we don't know if we can endure another trial, but this book is a true testimony that you can. I admire people who look for tomorrow and don't dwell on today's mistakes or tragedies. We are so blessed to live another day to call a friend in need, smile at a passing stranger, be reminded that the laundry is never done, hear the birds singing outside, feel the warm sunshine, know that we are needed and look forward to tomorrow to accomplish something more.

Life is truly a blessing and one that we often take for granted until we are reminded of its importance. I hope we can all hug our families and friends and remind them that we love them, you never know who needs those precious words spoken.


White Pedestal Wednesday...

There are some people that you meet that you just love from the very beginning. I met this person about 3 years ago and since then a lot has happened. She moved to help her dad recover from a terrible accident, has had another baby and has one of my favorite blogs. I love how honest she is and what a good person she is. She has two adorable kids and is married to a great guy. We share a love for dancing and look forward to So You Think You Can Dance every year...
Heather thanks for being such a great example to me! You are an amazing person.


Miscellaneous Monday...

I found a few useful tips this week...
This is really cute and super easy.

Cute Bow Holder
Every little girl would love this.
This looks like lots of fun!!

I am sooo giddy about this one...
Are you as addicted to Girl Scout Cookies like I am???
Well... I've got the golden ticket!!

Recipes to all your favorites!!
Eat your heart out... they only come around once a year :)


Good times...

There is nothing like a sleepover after your married with a kid...
We had so much fun staying up til 3 AM playing cards, eating treats and spending time with the Calls

We love you guys so much!!

After staying up TOO late our green dinner ended up pretty simple, but was still delicious!!
Thanks Kate and Germ for reminding us we're too old to stay up late
and for being great hosts. We can't wait to do it again :)


White Pedestal Wednesday...

I've had trouble falling asleep lately and for some reason I started
thinking about a post for today...

I was thinking about different people in my life who have influenced me for good and there are MANY... So I've decided to spotlight some of these people on

White Pedestal Wednesday
The person I want to start out with has made a huge impact on my life and continues to do so on a regular basis. This person is one of the happiest people I know and always looking out for the best interest of others. When I met this person they truly changed my life for the better and they continue to help me want to be a better person. Life can seem a bit complicated at times, but we are lucky enough to have someone up above to watch over us and place people in our lives to help us along the way. I am grateful to know this person and can't count the times this person has complimented me or made me feel like I was special. This person is someone that is easy to talk to, positive, outgoing, motivated, honest, loving, handsome, and my very best friend.
I cherish the time we spend together and I'm so grateful to be married to this man
He just surprised me by telling me he has Friday OFF so we get to have a long weekend together!! I love Gordon so much and I'm grateful to know we'll be together forever!

What would we do without the good people in our lives that remind us of what's truly important??


Miscellaneous Monday...

Last week flew by for us...
Tydon and I got home from Idaho Wednesday night. My parents had a ton of fun in Vegas at Nascar. My dad gets pretty excited when it comes to Nascar so my mom surprised him at Christmas with tickets.

My uncle Rich, my dad and my mom

The drive to Idaho is starting to feel shorter these days :)

Friday night Gordon and I went to the temple for our date night. It is always such a sweet reminder of what is truly important...
For more date night ideas there is a fabulous blog with lots of ideas...

Date Ideas Blog

We all like a few tips when it comes to traveling to somewhere new...
Would have loved to have had these tips in January when we went to Cali

Disneyland Tips

St Patrick's Day Ideas...

Six Silly Seeley's get a Visit from a Leprechaun and he fills their shoes with treats!

You can leave a riddle at breakfast for them to find their pot of gold & goodies from a leprechaun.
The Hostess with the Mostess is never one to disappoint. She's hooked us up with several shamrock treats.
I'm so impressed with Tastefully Entertaining Irish dinner.
You could use these darling 4 leaf clovers as a party favor.
I love the saying "I'm not lucky, I'm just blessed."

Or just make some cute cards!!

Hope these give you some fabulous ideas for St. Patrick's Day!!
Happy Monday.
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