Fabulous Spring Giveaway!!

I normally do White Pedestal Wednesday, but can't help myself today!!
I found a FABULOUS Spring Giveaway over at 30days...

Cutest MODEST swimsuits I've seen...
and they are in UTAH!! (by appt only)

All the giveaway details are at 30days and it ends March 31st!!
Please leave a comment that I sent you.
I hope someone I know wins!!

If you hate swimsuit shopping as much as me then you know that this is a real treat!!
Good Luck!!


Kate & Jeremy said...

um. love them, want one, NEED one.

Tyson and Alli said...

I love them! I need a new suit for Vegas this summer, I better enter!

Judy said...

those are way cute. Hard to find them long enough

The Dance Family said...

I love this website I was looking for a swimsuit online the other day and found this site LOVE IT!

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