Live for Today...

It's just after midnight and I'm waiting for my dad and my brother to get here.
They are coming down to Utah for the weekend to go motorbiking and are staying the night at our house tonight.
It seems like I do a lot of thinking just before falling asleep each night.
I lie there listening to Gordon's rhythmic breathing and the wheels start turning.
I have always been this way... is it just me or is this the time women evaluate their day or plan for the events of tomorrow??
Tonight I caught myself in one of my "When I'm ____.... then___...." moments

It seems like I've always thought to the future...
"When I'm in High School... then I'll get to stay up later..."
(but really I went to bed as early as I could because I had cheer practice every AM)
"When I'm in college... then I won't have a curfew..."
(but around midnight it was time to go home anyway)
"When I'm married... then I won't have to worry about dating anymore..."
(then we miss all of those fun dates that we made time for)
"When I'm not pregnant anymore... then I'll sleep better at night..."
(except you have a new baby to care for)
"When we are done with school... then we'll finally have some money..."
(except now you get to pay off student loans :)

Have you ever found yourself saying a "When... then..." statement??
I'm probably one of the worst and Gordon teases me about it quite often.
I've realized that I need to live more for today!
Don't wish your life away looking forward to the next step or change when you are experiencing something so great right now!!
Live for today and make it your BEST!!


Judy said...

This is so perfect. I've done this lots in my life. I've tried hard to live in the moment. To be happy with me and what is going on now. Thanks for sharing this. We, as women have the tendancy to "mind wander" when the real happiness is right in front of our nose!

Jamie Ortega said...

Last night when Isabella woke me up at 4am. I was think those WHEN and THEN, but once I had her all snuggled in my arms asleep again I found my self not wanting to put her down and knew that I would miss it when she wouldnt need me to cuddle with her at night anymore. So instead of laying her down I stayed and enjoyed the moment snuggling with my baby.

Thanks for the reminder of living in the moment!

Mike, Sha, Kenna, & Kate said...

I am completely this way. Everything is always "someday". I have been thinking about that and wanting to live in the moment or for today, like you said. Thanks for the reminder. BTW-I need your mailing

The Allens said...

I do that all of the time, and it wasn't until my kids were all of a sudden not babies anymore that I realized that I needed to enjoy each moment. I know before long I will miss these things that drive me crazy right now. Hope you guys are doing well in Utah!

Danny & Crystal said...

You're definitely right! I do that all the time--wishing away me today's. Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment! BTW, it takes me FOREVER to fall asleep at night too because I'm always thinking about things, so you're not alone :)

Lisa Meyer said...

Very, very insightful! I try to live for today but sometimes, fail miserably. Thanks for the reminder! I miss seeing you around, and hope you and your CUTE family are well!!

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