Miscellaneous Monday...

I found a few useful tips this week...
This is really cute and super easy.

Cute Bow Holder
Every little girl would love this.
This looks like lots of fun!!

I am sooo giddy about this one...
Are you as addicted to Girl Scout Cookies like I am???
Well... I've got the golden ticket!!

Recipes to all your favorites!!
Eat your heart out... they only come around once a year :)


heather said...

Wow, I can't believe you have a recipie for girl scout cookies! I HEART YOU!

Hailey said...

Okay, I'm not too big on baking, but it might be worth a try for girl scout cookies. Thanks for the recipe!

Danny & Crystal said...

I am definitely going to try the girl scout cookie recipes! I'm so excited--especially for the thin mints :) Thanks for sharing!

Brian and Lindsay said...

My brother has one of those bike attachements for his daughter. She loves it!

Court and Brade said...

what a CUTEEEEEEEEEE little bow holder, I would LOVE that for a little girl :)

You left me a comment forever ago asking for our address and about my diaper bag and I was just thinking about it so I thought Ibetter write you back finally... Sorry Chels!

I have one diaper bag, but I want to get another one too.. haha the one I WANT is silver and yellow and it's a petunia picklebottom and is to die for.. ha we'll see if I justify buying it :) I don't care how rich I am or am not... I just think it might be ridiculous to spend that much on a diaper bag... but then again, maybe it's not ridiculous ha ha :)

The one I have right now is cute, it's green (kind of a lime/sage... not really bright at all) and an off white color. Anyway there you have it! I will pay you to make a wipe cover, k, let me know what we owe you and I will mail you a check k.

our mailing address is 63 hampton place
Logan UT 84341

Thanks Chels.

how is Utah treating you? ARe you guys happy you moved down here? Are you missin' Pocatello or adjusting well? Hope you guys are doing great and enjoying it. brades says hi!

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