Miscellaneous Monday...

Happy Monday everyone!
It is a Blizzard here in UT today. I guess it is still only March so we can't complain too much.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and you're ready for a new week.
I know some of you are on Spring Break this week... enjoy!!
We kinda miss being poor college students for that reason :)

Well if you are going to be driving don't forget to check and see who has the cheapest gas prices before you fill up and along the way...
Cheapest Gas Prices

This looked pretty simple and super cute!
Paper Bag Album
What kid wouldn't want to take a bath if they had
this little friend in the tub with them?
Make your own Fish Soap
Ever wondered... how to get cookies to hold their shape while baking???
Visit Bake at 350 to find out!!
Just freeze them for 5-10 min before baking!!

I haven't done much embroidery but this would
be a cute project to display.
Embroider your kids Artwork
If you are looking for something fun to do
Check out this...
Great Tutorial Website
I want to share a couple of my favorite snacks...
When I was little the first thing I can remember making on my own was a bagel with cream cheese on it, YUM!
I was introduce to a new bagel option at 5th Street Bagelry in Pocatello.
Bagel with peanut butter and sliced bananas... yum!
Another childhood favorite is grapefruit. I would sit on my great-grandma's lap every morning and she would hand peal the grapefruit so I could enjoy every section without the peal.
Later I was introduced to this yummy treat! I love it too!!
Grapefruit with a thin layer of brown sugar on top, baked at 350 until warm, so yum!!
That's it for now. I would love to hear what some of your favorite treats are!!
Can't wait till next week... It's almost Easter and time to share some
fun ideas from all those creative ladies out there :)
Thanks for looking!

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Judy said...

I am smarter every Monday because of your misc. Monday! Love it. Thanks for taking the time!

Peterson Family said...

You are so cute, where do you come up with all these cute ideas? I am totally going to try the grapefruit warmed up with brown sugar, I love grapefruit! I'm not very crafty but I want to try more things.
Yep, apparently I spoke too soon. The weather is horrible and COLD again. Oh well your right it is only March and at least we got a taste of what will eventually come.
It looks like you guys are settling in quite nicely, I love all your pictures especially the ones with Gordon and Tydon wrestling! Gordon is such a cute dad!

Kate & Jeremy said...

look at all your fun ideas. someday.. when i have a real home.. and a lil family... and a lil more time (as if i work non-stop).... i'll make a list of things to make and do each day! until then.. i'll keep working a few days and keep watching intervention.. cold case files.. the hills ... one tree hill, and just waste my life away. ha. i'm not that bad, and really don't watch tv much, but you DO inspire me to do more! love ya girl.. what night this week?!

Amber and Che said...

I am officially hungry!! Everything looks so good especially those cookies!!! I get the best ideas from your blog Chels. Thanks for making my day and especailly for making me smarter

Danny & Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing all of your awesome ideas--you had some really good ones!

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