Harvest Feast

For our ward activity this month we enjoyed a Harvest Feast and had brother Kirkham come and speak to us about Jewish traditions and their Harvest Feasts. It was definitely a night to remember.

The decorations were provided by our bishop's wife. She did an amazing job.

For dinner we had Dinner in a Pumpkin with Mrs. Powell's rolls... YUMMY!

We were even visited by the "Candy Corn Man."

We also enjoyed Fall desserts...

Special thanks to our wonderful clean up crew who stuck it out to the very end!!


Kate & Jeremy said...

looks amazing.. and i'm salivating right now... those desserts look like they were to die for!

Judy said...

Fun idea. What a ton of work. It liiks like it was a sucess.

Sarah said...

I miss thoes fun ward parties. You set a high standard. :)
And way to go clean up crew!

Peterson Family said...

I love the centerpieces! We need to get ideas for activities committee from you guys, you know how to party!

Court and Brade said...

the decorations look SO cute!! Did you do them? You are one creative and talented gal :) Oh so I showed my mom your blog cause I was showing her the wipe cases that you make... which are so adorable, and she looked at you and was like "OH she is the cutest girl!! I love her hair, I want that hair!!!" It was so funny! My mom has short and spunky hair already and I was like "Your hair already looks like that kind of!!!" But she thought yours was way cuter than hers and said that you were adorable! Just thought I'd tell you that you have an admirer!!

Russell said...

Hey Chels! I found your blog through Angie's. You have such a cute family!! How's everything?

-Chelsea (Smith) Murphy

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