Happy Birthday Tydon!!

This month has been full of several Birthday parties for Tydon. We started this week off at my parents to celebrate my brother (16) and Tydon(2)...
Yesterday was Tydon's official Birth-day!! I can't believe how fast time flies. He had such a fun day... He was sooo excited to dress up like a FOOTBALL PLAYER. He had 8 little friends show up and we were so excited to get pictures of them all dressed up!
They were ALL sooo cute!!
The weather was PERFECT for us so the kids played outside....

We ALWAYS forget to get the video camera out for stuff... but Gord got a little bit this time.
After all of Tydon's friends went home we headed over to Tyler and Heidi Hill's for AWESOME homemade Chilli and to celebrate some more birthday fun for Tyler and Tydon.

It was such a fun day!! I love this time of year and look forward to many more Halloween/Birthday parties for Tydon.


Anonymous said...

Hey that looks like so much fun. Sorry I missed it, things in our house was not going over so well. But happy birthday tydon.

Sarah said...

What a fun party! All the kids were so cute!

Chelsea said...

How stinking cute is that?! Happy birthday Tydon!

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