Well... it is official! We got our first snow TODAY!! yuck

I was driving home from Idaho Falls to Mud Lake and it happened...

It didn't take long before it started to stick-

I'm really NOT ready for this!! I don't like the cold.


Jessica said...

I know.. can you believe it? The only reason I am happy to have snow is because it's closer to the time we have our baby. :)

Judy said...

It is way to early for this BURRRRRRNESS!

Sarah said...

well it could be worse, remember last year we got it the last day of September. We are no where near snow here in MO. We still had to turn out AC on for a while last night. It's still warm enough to wear shorts, but we are starting to have cool jacket days too. I like those, I like to wear hoodies. :)

Peterson Family said...

Isn't Idaho GREAT! Its so funny because spring and fall are the season that usually have perfect weather. Those two seasons are almost non existent here! At least that means that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner!

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