8 Months

This sweet boy is growing up... he is no longer a baby, but starting to become a little boy...
He got his 3rd hair cut this month... so now  there are 3 of us with Mohawks ;)
 These two boys love each other so much! They play so well together and Tydon is such a good big bro
Weighing in at 19lbs these days... starting to thin out the more he moves around
We can't keep him still for very long... army crawlin and pretty good at the stink bug too
He doesn't like the tile on his knees so he tries to crawl on his toes :)
Bath time is always a treat... this boy LOVES to splash!!
Such a good eater!
Even if it causes a shiver {peas} he doesn't spit anything out.
Always uses his index finger to pick things up...
Such a joy this sweet guy is!


heather said...

Wow, he's already 8 months. I think I say that everytime you post his age. It's just cool to see him grow so fast.
Love his new hair cut by the way.

Sarah said...

Oh my GOSH, your boys are just too CUTE!!!

Landon&Shauna said...

HOlly Cow what a doll!

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