Keeping myself busy...

Gordon has been working late A LOT lately... so what is a girl to do... CRAFT!!
I've started a little business with Gord's niece Lindsey {so excited!!}
We will be launching our blog in the next couple weeks with a fun GIVEAWAY!!

In the meantime I have LOTS to do...
This isn't really part of the business, but it was a fun little distraction for today.
Super easy...
Grab a onesie {this one is 3-6 months}
Heat n Bond paper
Material for the tie
then draw a little tie template
Trace the pieces onto the Heat n Bond paper {I always hold my pieces up to a window}
Then cut around the outside so you don't waste too much material.
Lay your template on the WRONG side of the fabric and iron
Cut out your pieces on the lines you've drawn
Peel off the backing of the Heat n Bond and iron the pieces onto the onesie
{make sure you tuck the tail up under the top piece before ironing}
Then... if you are OCD like me... sew around the outside just to make sure it doesn't go anywhere
{Start in the upper Left hand corner of each piece, then you don't have to stop and start more than twice}
[For an even better tutorial go HERE]
All done!
This is for a little guy attending a wedding in a couple weeks...
Colors: Hot Pink and Zebra {love it!}
Happy 4th Everyone!!


Jessi said...

So cute and so easy! Good idea. I bet you could make all kinds of designs to go on onesies.

Kate Call said...

cute! this is what lace and i have been doing like crazy.. to match all the baby legs we have that don't match anything :) you should really live closer.. can you imagine the fun we would have!!

Nick and Haley said...

You are so creative! You never cease to amaze me with all of your craftiness! :)

The Allens said...

So cute! I've never worked with Heat n Bond, but it looks like fun.

Russ and Kristen said...

So cute!!! My sister is having twins in a few months and I was wanting to do something for them...well I think I found it!!! Post more stuff like this, I love it!!! P.s. your boys are so dang adorable!!

Aaron and Andie said...

I love this! You did such a great job! I just wish I had the patience and the time for something like this. Amazing!

Bailey Family said...

those are so darling! Looks like I need another boy so that I can make one! Cant wait to see your cute crafty blog! :)

Stephanie Watkins said...

Your boys are beautiful! So excited for your new craft blog. You definitely have a talent.

Rachel G said...

Cute Chelsi! Someday I will be crafty...haha that is what I will keep telling myself :)

Your boys are so cute, love the pictures! Hope things are going great for you guys!

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