Bear Lake

Great place for a Family Reunion!
We spent last weekend with most of Gordon's family...

It was a BLAST!!
We only wish it could have lasted longer

Saturday morning the guys got up early to go fishing while the girls tried to sleep in...
They got back just in time for breakfast {pretty convenient}
The cooks :)
Klista, Jen & Trin
Some of the guys brought back a trash fish
{all the kids were curious}
The kids had a lot of fun together...
The "Pincher" - Mamie is going through a phase where she likes to pinch. 
Tydon and Henson both got their fair share this weekend.
 Mitchell sisters
Brinley and Morgan {Right & Center} always get asked if they are twins when they are together.
Nope! Just cute cousins
The boys wouldn't stick around for pictures, only the girls would cooperate :)
Gord and his brothers left to go golfing and the rest of us headed to the lake
There were several tractors lined up 
to help put the boats and jet skis and other water toys in the water.
Gord's sisters are so much fun!
I'm so grateful I married into an amazing family :)
Berkli was so proud of her feather!

Neil was helping Mamie build a sandcastle. 
Every time he would stack a layer on she would plow it over and just laugh :)
Tubing was so much fun!
The kids LOVED it too.
After playing in the sand Tydon looked like he had a mustache
I told him I wanted a picture so he started pulling funny faces at the camera.
{I think it must be a boy thing, just comes natural}
Thanks Wood Fam for the fabulous weekend!
We hope we can do it again next year :)

{We missed Gord's parents who are serving a mission in South Dakota, We LOVE you guys!!}

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Peterson Family said...

Fun Trip! I LOVE family reunions! I have been wanting to stay a weekend at Bear Lake (Travis has family there but I have never went to hang out at the Lake or anything). I LOVE Tydons faces, he is such a good looking kid!!!!

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