Summer Fun!!

Is it really August already?! I can't believe July has already come and gone...
We've had lots of fun though!

Last weekend we met up with my family and some of my mom's family for a weekend at Lagoon!!
It was my birthday on Friday and all I wanted was to spend time with Gord {these 80+ hr work weeks are killer} The boys and I were so excited to see him for more than just a couple hours :)
We rode rides on Friday...
My dad's nephew and his family came too...
These are his cute kids
After a few hours we went back to my aunt's trailer at the KOA and BBQ'd. My cousin's birthday was the same weekend so we celebrated together
Then we headed back to the rides for some more...
By the end we couldn't wait to get to our hotel room
Saturday morning we {slept in} got up and headed back to Lagoon for some more fun! We hit up Lagoon A Beach first
Henson LOVES the water!! 
Tydon did a little Kung Fu after he came down the slide
 "H" and Great
After the water we decided to ride a few more rides...
The boys wanted to try the new Catapult 
Gord and Isaac went first... loaded and ready
Back they go...
And up!!
300 feet in the air!! then...
back down
They LOVED it!!
So then my dad and Brody had to try...
Before the night was over my dad made me ride the swing {yes the one that drops you 150ft!!} with Gord and Isaac. I have NEVER been so scared in my life... I almost started to cry!! I didn't get any pictures and don't want to see my terrified face... the anticipation was TERRIBLE, but so much fun!
Thanks dad for making me :)

It was such a fun weekend with the fam!!
{We had to wake Tydon up at 10:40am to get ready for church on Sunday... He was wore out from all the fun, but keeps asking to go back. Maybe we'll have to consider Season Tickets next year...}


heather said...

Lagoon is always fun. I wish we had something like that here in Vegas.
Oh, and I love Tydon's face painting. So very cool.


Sounds fun!! Whats your week this like?? We want to take you out for lunch or dinner sometmie?? Glad you had fun at Lagoon!

Judy said...

Oh I love Lagoon. We have so many family memories there. I think my girls and I are going monday!

Tyson and Alli said...

How fun! I bet your boys had a blast. Especially Tydon. Look at you all tan! Jealous!

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