Worth the trip...

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend a couple days
with some like-minded entrepreneurs in Colorado.
We met Gerald Willhite... great guy!
He played for the Denver Broncos 
{the guy that always did the back flip after he scored a touchdown}
My dad was jealous

I'm so grateful for awesome friends
who want to make a difference :)

The highlight of the weekend...
We learned how to take $69 cruises


Tydon has been asking me for a while now...
"Mom, can 4 year olds go to Mexico?"

**He even asked for a Dolphin pillow pet for 
Christmas because he wants to swim with the dolphins**

I think he's been praying to go...
Gordon and I just found out we might be going back 
in May or June
We can't wait!!
And yes... we are thinking the boys deserve to come this time.

You should come too!!


heather said...

What do you do to travel so much? Just wondering. And how can you get a cruise for only $69

Shannon Dooley said...

Um ,yes, I'm with Heather- do tell! That is so awesome! I'll have to click on the link you posted & see if that gives me answers. What fun memories to make with you hubby & cute boys. I am glad you had a good trip to CO. Don't you just love it there? I can't wait to visit in May. Hugs! :)

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