Okay LADIES....

I have been traveling a lot lately and usually pack for a week or so at a time... I LOVE my accessories and don't leave home without them. The only problem is that they are usually all a mangled mess by the time I'm ready to wear them.
So... I've found a solution to our problems!!
You can pack for 8 days with this handy organizer. There are 3 pockets in each section for your rings, bracelets, and earrings (24 total pockets)... and room for bigger items in the middle.
Once you're done you just pull the strings and you have a little sack full of your ORGANIZED accessories!!

Now I need YOUR opinion... would you use this?!? Should I start advertising these??
Your comments are GREATLY appreciated.


For that Lil' Cowboy...

I had a special order for a Cowboy changing pad this week. I used some left over material that I used to make Gordon's nieces' pillow cases.
I love this brown minkee it is soo soft and matched perfect!!The back of the wipe case has a brown elastic for diapers on the go...
I'm also VERY excited to announce that I will be posting a NEW addition to my projects Friday night... get ready LADIES this one is for you!!

Fruit Pizza... YUM!!

I have a true love for this Yummy dessert. Gordon and I are finally HOME for a minute and we NEEDED groceries. We decided to visit Cosco for the first time since it opened in Pocatello. I have to say it is FABULOUS!! We have never spent sooo much $$$ on groceries at one time. It was kinda breath taking, but well worth the yummy treats. Their produce selection is amazing and I couldn't help myself when I saw all the fresh fruit. It was a good excuse to make Fruit Pizza for dessert last night.

My mouth starts to water just looking at the pictures again :)

I've posted the recipe on SewnThings if you can't help yourselves...

The Baby Boutique

I finally set up my display at the Baby Boutique in Idaho Falls.
I'm really excited and relieved to finally have them there on display. I've added a few new patterns... check them out on SewnThings


A weekend to remember...

Friday night we were at Gordon's parents house and Gordon's nephew Braxton was playing with Tydon. He put him on his shoulders and some how during the dismount he hurt Tydon's arm. Tydon is pretty tough, but this time we knew he was really hurt. He started crying and holding his arm and didn't want anyone to touch it. I took him in the bathroom and put a band-aid on it (it's the cure all lately), but that didn't help so I knew something was really wrong. He just kept screaming and holding his arm so we decided to take him into the hospital to make sure it wasn't broken. We got there at 8pm and they didn't waist anytime getting us right in. Tydon caused a lot of attention so it sped things up. The doctor came in and felt his arm, gave it a little tug and told us to wait a few minutes to see if that helped. He was excited to get some Juice (Motrin) from the nurse, but didnt' want to have anything to do with x-rays. That's when we knew he was going to be okay because he resisted the radiologists like no other...
In the end he had a dislocated elbow and was good to go. He made friends with the nurse with candy real quick and we were on our way by 8:30pm!

It was just a quick reminder of how fragile kids arms can be and that accidents still happen...


I spent the day making blessing booties for Tydon's neice Mamie....I have the link to the pattern on my sewnthings blog if you're interested.

She looked soo adorable on her blessing day...
Daddy and Mamie...
I love seeing new babies receive a blessing. This was an exciting day for Gordon's brother and their family.

Tydon's Sacrament Coloring Book
Instructions for this MESS FREE church themed coloring book can be found on my sewnthings blog.


A weekend away...

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go with my Grandma Janaye - AKA "Great" - to Seattle. I had never been there before so I was anxious to see it in real life. Mostly because I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and wanted to see the HUGE city! I just have to say that the Fall colors there are AMAZING!! Reds and yellows like you wouldn't believe.
We rented a black Dodge Charger... fun car!! It was soo fast. Good thing I don't own this car :)
This is the key you use to drive this Beast... weird, huh?! It's plastic!
and we stayed at the Marriot in Tacoma where parking was $10 a night or $14 for valet!! Yikes.
We got there Saturday evening and went to a yummy restaurant in Tacoma called Johnny's Dock. This was the view from our seat...
My grandma had to go to Market on Sunday so I tagged along. LADIES this is where the store owners go to pick out their clothing for the upcoming seasons... It was so interesting. I got a sneak peak at what is coming to stores near you for Spring and Summer!!
From there we went downtown Seattle to eat dinner. The valet boys told us about a good place on the pier called the Crab Pot.
The menu was pretty funny...
Dinner is dumped on a huge piece of paper right on your table!! We had King Crab legs with corn on the cob and red potatoes. It was AWESOME!!
Monday morning we woke up, got ready and drove back downtown Seattle for a day full of shopping. We started in Nordstrom's at 10:30am and ate breakfast in their cafe. From there we shopped ALL DAY!! The Nordstrom's there is 5 levels!! Seattle reminds me of a mini New York. Even their Gap was 3 levels!! I could NOT believe how crazy it was on a Monday!! I had to take a picture of the policeman on his horse.

Well... we finally headed home around 6pm that night!! My feet hurt at the end of the day and we were extra hungry!! We ate dinner at Olive Garden and had the BEST dinner I have had from there. If you're a fan of shrimp try their Grilled Shrimp Caprese.It was to die for!!
I have to say that a GPS is a must when you are in a foreign city!! This thing saved us a LOT of time and hassle.

So long Seattle... until next time!

Thanks Grandma for a SUPER fun weekend!! It was sooo much fun to get away for a minute and spend time with you. Love ya.

Halloween 08

This Halloween was so much fun. Tydon was able to experience his first Halloween carnival and Trunk-or-Treat. Some of the local cousins gathered at Grandma's house for pictures...
Tydon had a BLAST with his cousins and couldn't stop talking about being a Football player!!
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