What we've been up to...

I'll be the first to admit that I've been a blog slacker lately...
It's been kinda crazy around here!
Here are a few highlights...

St Patrick's Day party with our friends from West Jordan
I went to watch some of the girls I use to coach at their cheer comp in SLC
{I got emotional just being there... hearing the music, seeing the teams perform, I miss it!!}

We visited Jump On It for the first time with some friends and Tydon LOVED it!!
Gordon was commuting back to West Valley so we were thinking we would probably move back up that way... instead he got put on the Pioneer Crossing project here in Lehi so we get to stay!
So... we've moved again!
You'll find us just around back... we are in the basement.
We love the area and the neighbors and are excited to make some new friends ;)

Sold a few things...

I've decided we don't have to worry about Spring Cleaning because we move so much!
We moved in the Friday before Easter...

Tydon was SUPER excited this year
All he wants to do is ride his {motorcycle} bike.
What's Easter without new church clothes...
I was excited to get a new camera...
My other one was pretty wore out :)
General Conference was great, as usual.
I love being reminded of the SIMPLE things and what is truly important {FAMILY}
I've loved teaching aerobics!!
I completed a Hip Hop Certification a couple weeks ago.
Our instructor was amazing :) So much Fun!
{we danced for 5 hours that day! I was wore our}
Hopefully I can get back on track now that we are mostly settled.
More to come... after our {old} ward's Simple Saturday.

H is 6 months...

I can't believe this sweet boy has already hit 6 months.
I thought Tydon was the best baby... but Henson is just as good.
Every time I pick the boys up from the gym daycare the ladies always comment on how he is the best baby ;)
We went for his 6 month check-up this week...
Weight: 16lbs ~ 20% vs Tydon 18lbs ~ 10%
Length: 25.75 in ~ 20% vs Tydon 27.5 in ~ 25%
Head: 17.25 in ~ 47% vs Tydon 18 in ~ 75%
Dr said he looks good and to feed him more if he'll eat it ;)
Wish the Dr told me that! ha
*Starting to roll all over the place
*Sits up until he sees his feet, then he'd rather eat those instead
*Gets excited when Daddy comes home
*Sleeps the best in his car seat or in his bed
*Sleeping like a champ 8pm-7am :)
*Lovin his jumper
*Spoiled by his big brother
*Reaches to play with everything
Everyday spent with this little guy is a reminder of why we are here...
We love our little "H pile"
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