One down... One to go!

Hello everyone! I am so bad at this and need to get into the habit of updating everyone on how we are doing. I wanted to let everyone know that Gordon sold one of his houses (dark one) in Burley!!! We are very excited and the people should be moving in in a couple of weeks. The other one is being rented until April so we are hoping to sell before then... Life has been pretty crazy around here with Gordon taking 18 credits, working in Rexburg on the weekends and gathering all of our tax info... it has been interesting. He finally finished his project in Rexburg and is now working on a bid for a project in Idaho Falls. I am sooo excited for him to be done with school this summer. No ideas of where we will be yet, but we'll keep you posted. I'll do my best to post some pictures this week. Hope everyone is doing great!

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Jamie Ortega said...

Hey it good to hear that one of the houses sold. Gordon and you sound so busy. I bet you cant wait until he is done with school!!

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