My boys...

Are getting so big!

Henson hit his 2 month mark last week...

We can't get enough of this little man.

*Pretty smiley these days
*Great sleeper
*Still needs the burp cloths mom made, but not as often
*Loves bath time
*Likes his swing
*Loves his car seat and going for rides in the car {took the Idaho trip like a champ}
*Gets pretty chatty with his dadddy
*Starting to get pretty chubby

The boys went for their check-ups today...

Tydon is still a little guy - 30% for his weight {30 lbs}, but SUPER smart!!

Henson is almost half the weight of his big brother!! He is in the 60% for weight {12.6lbs}
Height - 45%
Head - 44%
He's getting pretty strong too...

Love these boys :)


Caleb and Ash said...

Oh my word they are too cute! I love that last picture of Henson. Want to eat him up!

Missy said...

They are so cute! I can't get over how fast they grow!

Leslie and Tyson said...

I'm going private again, if you want to see my blog still email me at

Misty said...

You have such handsome boys!!! Tydon is only 30 my Austin is only 22 months and he is already 28 lbs! :) Crazy! Well hope all is well for ya!

Bradshaw's said...

Both of your boys are getting so big! Tydon is growing up so much. Also I love Henson's eye's, so cute!

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