Great Gift Idea...

For the IN-LAWS...
Always the hardest to shop for, I think.

We had a Service Auction for our ward {I'm the new Activities Leader, so I'm going to be needing your ideas soon} in November.
This was one of the services auctioned off...
It's a family tree! {Love it}

Gordon is the baby of 8 kids so he has a pretty large family!
So one of my friends helped me put this together for Gord's parents for Christmas.
Gord's parents are the trunk.... his siblings are the branches.... and their kids are the sub-branches.

If you have Photo Shop this is an easy project!
I had it blown up to an 11x14 at Costco $3
the frame was $17 at Roberts {with 50% off coupon}

Great gift for the in-laws for only $20!!
{You could do it for less if you only wanted an 8x10}
Let me know if you make one ;)


Future Craft Ideas...

Thanksgiving 09

I'm still trying to catch up from Thanksgiving!
We left Saturday afternoon and stopped in Pocatello for the night.
It was fun to meet Hudson for the first time. He is a month younger than Henson, but I'm pretty sure he is going to pass him up pretty quick! {Just look at his daddy!}

We went to church with Hill's on Sunday... it was so fun to go back to our old ward and see some of our friends that are still there ;)

After our stay in Poky we headed to Great's house in good ole' IF for an early Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It wasn't the traditional meal... much better if you ask me!

Monday we did some shopping and headed out to my parents for the night.
I cut the guys hair and gave Brody a new do too :)

Tuesday I {finally} got my hair done!
My mom had an Open House for Henson. It was fun to visit with friends and family!
{Of course I forgot to take pictures with the guests}
{Tydon went out with grandma to feed the horses}
Wednesday we headed out to Mud Lake for the rest of the weekend.
A few of the highlights...
*NEW MOON{I think I'm more excited for 3 and 4 now}
*Yummy Food
*Bridal Shower
*Henson's blessing

Monday we headed home to unpack and get ready for family to come our way...
Tuesday two of Gord's nieces went through the Mt. Timpanogas temple. It was so awesome to be there to support them. I love going to the temple, especially when you get to be with family.

December 3rd was the big day for this cute couple!
They were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. The sealing was beautiful! I am so grateful I was able to attend and be reminded of the vows and covenants that I have made to my best friend.

Before the reception we went to Thanksgiving Point and drove through the ligts...
Then we visited the LIVE reindeer ;)

It was freezing!

The reception was fun.
Look at this handsome little guy!

When they turned the music on for the couple's dance I looked over and found Tydon and Berkli up on the stage...
More updates to come....



My boys...

Are getting so big!

Henson hit his 2 month mark last week...

We can't get enough of this little man.

*Pretty smiley these days
*Great sleeper
*Still needs the burp cloths mom made, but not as often
*Loves bath time
*Likes his swing
*Loves his car seat and going for rides in the car {took the Idaho trip like a champ}
*Gets pretty chatty with his dadddy
*Starting to get pretty chubby

The boys went for their check-ups today...

Tydon is still a little guy - 30% for his weight {30 lbs}, but SUPER smart!!

Henson is almost half the weight of his big brother!! He is in the 60% for weight {12.6lbs}
Height - 45%
Head - 44%
He's getting pretty strong too...

Love these boys :)
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