January Fun...

This month has flown by...

"Little Punky" turned 3 months...
He's full of smiles and we can't get enough of him~
*Sleeping through the night
*Had Croup
*Got his first haircut
*Loves to sing with big brother
*Likes to be standing up or sitting up
*Stays awake to play more throughout the day
*Loves to chat with Daddy
*Hair is thinning out and lightning up
*Still mom's little cuddle bug
Tydon played Itty Bitty Basketball
and did AWESOME!!
{I really hope I can find another program like this}
He got to be on the same team as his cousin Jackson
The boys couldn't get enough of College Football this month...
{Now they're looking forward to the Super Bowl}
We finally got a decent snow storm
We got to watch Gord's little nephew Van for a few hours one day
They are only a month apart and so much fun together
I helped Gord's niece Brinley make a mask for a dance she went to
{she's the cutie on the RIGHT}
Tydon LOVES to do puzzles!
We got him a 5-7yr puzzle for Christmas and he did it all by himself ;)
Can't get enough of bath time around here...
H's new haircut
Tydon has slept in a few mornings until 9am ~ and he's been eating more...
Must be a growth spurt ;)
Last year I certified to teach aerobics, but didn't do anything with it because I was pregnant with Henson. We have an AWESOME work-out group through our Stake and they asked me to take a day, so I teach every Friday... and I'm LOVING it. It's been good for me and I can't wait to get a job at a gym.
{google images}

To end the month, we are headed to AZ!!
It's Gord's Annual District Metting and we decided to take the boys with us this year.
Tydon can't wait to ride on the BIG airplane ;)


Landon&Shauna said...

Wow your little family is to cute! Love the updates!!

Ashley said...

Have fun on the big airplane! I love Tydon's face in the bath! HA, SO SCRUMPTIOUS! Cute update!

Bailey Family said...

3 months??? where did the time go? That is so cute of Tydon and playing basketball. He is so cute!

Judy said...

Crazy how little H is growing up so fast Those little bros are so cute together and are gonna have so much fun together!

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

taylorsville does indoor soccer for 3 yr olds - I'm tempted to put B in. He'll be playing outdoor soccer there come April.

Tyson and Alli said...

Just looking at those pictures was getting me super excited for my baby! I can't wait for these fun experiences. Looks like a fun and busy month for you guys. What a cute family! You guys have fun in Arizona!

Parkinson Family said...

how fun! yes itty bitty is great! and i love your little snow family...we saw you guys out there and tried to copy but i am not a good snowman maker, but tyler definitely liked driving by your house and looking at yours :)

Katie Lane said...

Wow what a fun month!
I need to maybe come to your aerobics. cute snowmans!

Chad and Amy Baker said...

Wow he is already three months!! You guys have a bunch of snow!! Good thing you are not in Pocatello we don't have hardly any!

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