Beauty Redefined...

Are you one of those women that watches a movie, television show, or looks at a magazine and thinks, "I wish I looked like her... I need to lose some come I can't look like that?"

Two of my best friends {twins actually} from elementary school
have written an article for LDS Living that is something we, as women, all can appreciate.

Beauty Redefined: Rejecting the Media's Impossible Standards

Worth the read...


Shannon Dooley said...

Powerful message! Thanks for sharing.

Jill and Travis said...

I am a little behind. I am sorry to hear that Gordon was layed off. But I wanted to tell you I am so amazed at your attitude! You are so brave and a terrific example of trusting in the Lord. Thanks for sharing your experiences and giving courage to others! You are awesome, Chelsi!

Also, I haven't had time to read this article yet, but I plan to check it out. Thanks for posting it!

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