Updating May...

And some of April :)

Easter was fun this year...
The boys loved coloring eggs and got pretty excited when
they woke up to find that the Easter bunny had come and hid their eggs and left them some gifts.
 They are best buddies :)
 All dressed up for church...
 Then to the egg hunt with Gord's sister's fam...
 They grow up too fast!
We celebrated Gord's 31st birthday! 
{Happy birthday to John and Cambrey too}
Last week Tydon was helping put a folding chair away and he 
got his finger stuck in it. OUCH!! 
Mother's Day was perfect...
I got to sleep in!!
The boys made me pancakes that said "We luv U"
and a gift certificate for some pampering.
I'm so grateful to be a mom :)
  Newest excitement around here besides warm weather...
Ready Set...
 So proud :)
It only took him a couple hours!

What a stud :)
Gord is such a good dad. 
He LOVES his boys and we LOVE having him home!


Judy said...

Such fun times. Good job on the bike.

Hemraj said...

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Chelsea said...

yay tydon! we really seriously miss you guys

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