A Weekend in Vegas...

I've only been to Vegas one other time and it was mostly for business so I didn't make time to see much. So I decided to make time this time.

This wasn't really on the list of places to see, but it was worth the stop.
We were with a guy that got us in for free so I wasn't going to pass it up.
The World's 2nd Largest Gun Show!!
{Gord was real jealous he wasn't there}
These guns were for sale... only $379,600 for the set of four.
{I was scared to even take a picture}

This one was just my size :)
I met the guy that makes these and he is going to take Gordon and I shooting sometime.
They can hit a bullseye from 3 miles!! {wow}
Better than fireworks... the Ballagio Light Show
 Of course meeting up with friends is always the best!!
 On the way back to our room one night/morning we ran into this guy doing a random magic show
of course he played a few card tricks... either we were really tired or he was the BEST I've seen.
 Then he hypnotized the guy on the left and played a few tricks on them...
 We were all LOVING it! I couldn't believe how good he was.
So I had to get a picture with him.
 The ceiling at the Venetian... beautiful.
 After we got done eating at Margaritaville one night, this bus was waiting outside...
We couldn't resist :)
Random guy painted like a gold statue...
 Found some fun shops in here
This guy could dance!!! Lousy nose job, but he had some moves.
 This guy was a rappin fool. 
He asked for my name and made up a song about me.
So fun! -- There really is some true talent on those streets.
 One of my mentors and someone I can call a friend.
He is a true genius! {Wayne Nugent}
I have to confess... I played Black Jack for the first time {not with my $$}
and I lost about 12 hands in about 5 minutes! $600 gone just like that... needless to say,  I won't be doing that again. I couldn't believe how fast it went!! That is NOT my idea of fun.

If you go anytime soon you have to visit the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmepolitan.
There are strands of crystals that drape over 3 levels. It was beautiful!!

My favorite place to eat... was Jaleo {in the top of the Cosmepolitan}

And I discovered that it isn't a place to forget your ID. 
I got carded 3 times just for water!!

It was a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to going back in April.


Beauty Redefined...

Are you one of those women that watches a movie, television show, or looks at a magazine and thinks, "I wish I looked like her... I need to lose some come I can't look like that?"

Two of my best friends {twins actually} from elementary school
have written an article for LDS Living that is something we, as women, all can appreciate.

Beauty Redefined: Rejecting the Media's Impossible Standards

Worth the read...



These boys LOVE bathtime!
Henson eying Tydon's beard... 
Ha! Stole it...
Ha Ha Ha! -- Hey!
 Henson is always laying down in the tub so we have to keep the water level down.
They both come running when they hear the water running.

Our first Sushi experience...

We tried Sushi for the first time over the holidays...

 So yummy!!



How I'm Starting the New Year...

To be honest I don't remember the goals that I set for myself last year.
I know I had some, but it seems like my goals are ever changing... which often times leads to an unorganized mess of "where do I even start?!"

Well... this year is going to be different.
I've started a 30 day Challenge and you might like to too.

"No matter what your goals are, financial, spiritual, family, business or fitness...when you use a system of accountability your only option is success!" -Chalene Johnson

I'm only on day 2 and I already can tell that this year is going to be different.

So if you wouldn't mind being more organized and really DO want to achieve your goals this year... and stay on track, then create a habit with me. {of course it's FREE}

I'm looking for an accountability partner... so let me know if you are in.

Here's to the BEST year yet :)
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