Fun trip to Utah...

A couple weekends ago we had a busy weekend! We attended one of Gordon's mission buddies' sealing in the Idaho Falls temple on Friday. Gordon was excited to visit with his mission president and his wife.

After the luncheon we sped to Utah for his niece's reception making it there 15 minutes before it was over...

It was a cowboy reception so I made her this to display.

Saturday Gordon went golfing with his brothers and I spent the day shopping with one of my best friends Katie! She took me to IKEA (I love that place) and I bought Tydon a new towel. He was really excited to use it last night. Gordon thought he looked like a little boxer so we had him flex his muscles for us, too cute!

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Sarah said...

what a cute towel! It looks like so much fun. And he DOES look like a little boxer, how cute!

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