Happy Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was a fun one. Gordon spoke in sacrament in our ward and then we traveled to Idaho Falls to spend time with my family. We had a BBQ at my Aunt's house and the kids played on the swings. I love Summer!!!

This year for Mother's Day I decided to take advantage of my crafty motivation and make my mom something for her house. She is OBSESSED with horses so I thought this would go well with everything. I enjoyed making cards for my mom, her two sisters and my grandma. Personal gifts are so much more fun!

Gordon and Tydon planted me some flowers in our yard for Mother's Day. I have wanted some for a while now so it was a great surprise! Thanks boys they look great!

Front of the house...

New flower bed Gordon added last year... looks much better with flowers :)

In the back we decide to add some tomato plants too. Fresh tomatoes are the best!

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