"Daddy's at work"

Gordon has officially been a working man for two weeks now! Tydon has figured out that "Daddy's at work" everyday and just knows he doesn't get home until mom starts cooking dinner. He'll look out the window during the day and say "I want daddy come home."
So my job during the day is to keep Tydon busy!! From singing songs, reading books, baking, coloring, making crafts or watching a little Dora... daddy eventually comes home.
This little guy misses his dad which makes for an exciting time when he finally arrives. I always laugh at how rowdy he gets when a little testosterone enters the house.

When the Call's are callin...

You know you're in for a good time.

Moving to Utah meant moving closer to some of our very best friends... Kate and Jeremy. Saturday night they invited us to come for dinner and some CRAZY fun...
We started with Kate's awesome homemade chicken noodle soup.
It was DELICIOUS and we were ALL stuffed!!
(We didn't even get to try Jeremy's dessert)

Gordon got kinda giddy when they said we were going to Walmart to buy Rock Band World Tour for their Wii. He LOVES Guitar Heroe.

I'll just say it was a BLAST!! We played until 2:30 AM!!

Thanks again Kate and Jeremy for such a fun evening, we'll have to do it again real soon :)

Family Home Evening with the Byers...

Monday night for Family Home Evening we went bowling with Gord's sister Klista, her husband Kirk, and Kaitlin. It was so much fun!! Tydon even bowled for the first time! He LOVED it.

I have to brag a little... I had 3 strikes in a ROW!!! I guess they call it a turkey. Gordon was mad that I (finally) beat him with a score of 136!!! I was a little excited :)


Danny & Crystal said...

It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! That's so fun that you have friends and family near! That chicken noodle soup looked amazing--looks like the rock band was a hit too!

Jill and Travis said...

Your friend's chicken noodle soup sure looked fancy! I bet it was yummy. Yay for you getting a turkey! That is tough to do! Also, I wanted to say that your post about your calling and family story is amazing! It takes very special people to take others into their home, especially those who need extra help! I was very touched by your experience. Thank you for sharing! (Also, I am glad to see I am not the only one who hurries to tidy the home and shower before my husband comes home! That cracked me up!)

Kate & Jeremy said...

so... we have to go bowling!! jeremy and i LOVE it... and you and i could be on the same team.. i'll jump on your bragg'n wag'n and admit i've beat jeremy a time or two also.... lets plan a bowling tourny against those boys! come over soon!
*** love all the pictures of tydon throughout the day, you're such a cute mom. love that kid! and tell him KATE's his favorite... not jeremy!! ha

Judy said...

The picture at the window is the cutest. He is so cute. I love the Calls!!!! So fun you guys are clsoe now. Glad the job is working out!!!

Dot said...

Chelsi, I love your blog! You are a good Mom. And you guys don't even miss us up in Idaho! Love ya!

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