Serving in Zion

We have been to our new ward 3 times and we've already spoke in sacrament. They don't waist anytime here in Utah! ;o The bishopric came to visit last week and the Elder's Quorum stopped by this week. Of course I make sure the house is presentable before they come!! I don't want them to see what it looks like during the day :) Tydon and I are pretty good at making sure we clean up before daddy comes home, not to mention hurry and shower and get ready so it looks like we've been presentable all day!! ha ha

Tuesday night we had a meeting with the bishop and Gordon and I were extended callings... Of course we were anticipating where the Lord needs us to serve and EVEN more nervous when a member of the High Council was there too!! They played it cool and acted like he was there making sure the bishop was doing his job correctly... I have never held a Stake calling so I was a little bit nervous...
After some small talk Gordon and I were asked to participate in the Special Needs Mutual for the Stake Thursday evenings and visit their Sacrament meeting every other month. I couldn't help but be excited and emotional for this opportunity!!

The bishop also extended a calling for us to be Primary workers. Double Duty!! We are excited for the opportunity to serve in our own ward as well.

To explain my emotions...

Some of you know that my mom is a nurse. When I was growing up she worked for Idaho Falls Group Homes (clients with disabilities) and I went to work with her quite a bit when she would have to stop to give meds or check on clients. I have had the opportunity to spend time with people with disabilities my whole life.
My Junior year in high school my mom was asked to take in a man named Myron. He was living in a group home in Shelley and he needed a change of scenery. Myron is deaf and has some mental disabilities, the staff didn't know sign language very well and they were having a hard time communicating with him. This frustrated Myron and as a result he would get mad and get destructive, throwing pool balls and chairs... so they would call the police on him. Can you imagine handcuffing someone like this?! It just doesn't make sense or teach Myron anything... only to be scared of the police. So my mom and dad talked about it and sat my brother and I down and asked us if this is something that we would be willing to work with. Brody and I gladly accepted.
As a child my babysitter taught me sign language and in elementary school there were a couple kids in my class that were deaf so I already knew some sign language. I was excited to brush up on my skills and looked forward to communicating with Myron.
About 6-8 months later there was another man in need of a home by the name of Ron. He was one of Myron's friends from work and so the work shop asked my parents if they would consider letting Myron have a roommate. Of course Myron was super excited and after another family counsel we gladly moved Ron into our home.
Ron and Myron have lived with my parents for over 6 years now and have become part of the family. When I lived at home I would get the guys up and off to work before school everyday and I even came home from college on the weekends to help out with them. Since getting married my younger (16) brother Brody has taken over. The state of Idaho pays my parents for having them in their home and provides Ron and Myron with some spending money as well.

Last Summer my mom received a phone call from someone in their ward. There was a lady by the name of Ramona who was in a situation where she didn't have a caregiver. Her parents had passed away several years ago and the lady she was living with had to be admitted to a nursing home. Ramona was in my parents ward and had several friends in the area. Extended family wanted to keep her close to friends and had heard that my parents were certified to care for people with disabilities.
My parents are some the best people I know and made the decision to bring Ramona into their home. They still have Myron and Ron living there and it is quite the crew. Brody gets them up each morning and off to work and is so good with them.

I can't express how much these people mean to me. They have truly blessed my life for their amazing light and humility. I know that I am a better person for knowing them.

Myron is deaf but very animated. He loves to watch you visit and laughs when you do. He loves to stay busy and is always looking for ways to help out around the house. Favorite daily chore, dishes!!

Ron is pretty quiet unless you are talking about trucks or guy stuff. He loves to watch TV and that's where he spends most of his time at home.

Ramona has been such a fun addition to the home and is always making you smile. She has the mentality of an 8 yr old, loves to read and sings in the ward choir.

The Crew

I am so grateful to know these special people and can't wait to see them in their perfect form someday.
I know that Heavenly Father has called us to serve in this position for a reason and I look forward to the opportunity to get to know more of God's choice spirits.


Jared and Jami Hobbs said...

Oh Chels, That is so sweet. You are an amazing person just like your mom. I'm sure the Lord knows how special you are and what you can do in this position. I hope that all is well for you guys. If you ever need help with Tydon while you go to mutual drop him off. I would love to watch for you.

Jessica said...

This is such a neat post & such a neat opportunity for you guys. The Lord knew you would be amazing in this capacity. Good luck!!

Calise said...

There is a special place in my heart for special needs. What an exciting calling for you!
Your parents are amazing!

Danny & Crystal said...

That is so awesome Chelsi! What a special talent you have! BTW, I know Ramona--she used to be in my parents ward and I used to help clean the house where she lived with Betty! She is so cute and funny and I remember that she loved to do puzzles! Anyway, I hope the new callings go well for you--I know you'll do awesome!

Peterson Family said...

Wow, Chelsea that is so amazing. That says so much about your family and what special people they are. That is crazy that you and your brother took on so much responsibility so young. It sounds like they gave you more than you could give them though. Wow, that is truly awesome! It takes a special type of person to care for special people like Myron, Ron, and Ramona and it sounds like you are more than qualified. You will be amazing in your callings!

Doug & Rach said...

This is such a sweet post. I almost started crying :) What a wonderful calling to work with such amazing people. 2 summers ago I had the opportunity to work with special needs people & I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I'm so happy for you. You are a great example to us all.

Judy said...

I am so touched. You and your family are so amazing. It takes special people to do this. I have a disabled cousin, and I know the worry.....Cheers to your family! You are the best. and thanks for all the love and support you have shown me. you are such a sweetheart....and I love blogland so we can communicate!

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