A week ago...

Our Stake has a work-out group that meets at the church MWF mornings {helps keep me sane}. So I took my boys last week. We just open up the nursery and let the kids play while we {moms} try to be ambitious.

Tydon was up on the stage, just sitting on the edge playing with a toy. I hurried and ran to the bathroom real quick and when I came out in the hall I could hear him screaming. One of the moms was helping him rinse his mouth out at the drinking fountain.

I look in his mouth and he's bleeding at the gum line on two {one on the top and one on the bottom} of his front teeth. My friend said he tried to get off the stage by himself!!

He tried to scoot off the stage forward and came down chin first onto the gym floor!!

I could tell he was hurting pretty bad because he was upset for about a half hour and he is usually fine once I kiss it better.
The first day he had a huge goose egg on his chin {I should have taken a picture} His chin was lopsided and looked pretty bad.

This is the day after...
Here is one week later... Still bruised, but doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.
Gord was suppose to go to AZ for training last weekend, but he ended up having to stick around and worked the weekend here instead. I told my mom and my grandma he was going to be leaving so we decided to have a girls weekend.

Tydon was so excited they were coming to visit.
They came Thursday evening. This is what we had for dinner...
and dessert...
Friday we shopped ALL day! We left the house at 10am and didn't get home until after 10pm.
My boys were so good! I'm grateful I have good shoppers ;) {hope it lasts}
Henson was so easy as long as he was fed every few hrs {gotta love the mall's Mother's Lounge}
Tydon loved grandma pushing him around and finally took a break too
Gord met us for dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory {yummy}
Saturday my Aunt and her two daughters were here to join the party. My mom and great had to go home that day, but we LOVED having them come for a couple days.

Saturday night we ate at Cheesecake Factory {another yum with a 75 min wait}
I love it when people come to visit and I don't have to cook!
Thanks fam for a fun weekend and making us feel special :)


Landon&Shauna said...

Sounds like you had to much fun!!! Poor Tydon hope he's feeling better!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

OHh poor Tydon! good thing he's so tough... It was good seeing you at the mall! Did you find a dress??

Heather and Parker Lyons said...

You'll wanna keep an eye on those front teeth. Little kids who bonk their mouths often damage the nerve to the tooth. You'll know if this happens because the tooth could turn gray. Even that isn't a big problem, but if an infection develops there could be a problem. Children should keep their front baby teeth till they're 6 or 7 years old.

Judy said...

Oh! Poor little Tydon! Looks like you had a blast. Next time I come to Utah, I wlll have to get your phone number I thought about calling you to come see the baby but didn't know how to get a hold of you!!! Next time! I wanna see that cute babe!

Caleb and Ash said...

Oh Poor Tydon! I hate when they get hurt, it makes you so sad!
You look like you had a blast with your family though. How fun that you got to shop ALL day! We did that a few weeks ago for my girls with my mom and sister, and I swear, Adi was better behaved than my sister:)
Ok, and I could use more pics of Henson, I love the babies!

Chance and Beth said...

Ouch, poor guy! Hope he's all healed up by now! (I just love your mom! She is so cute!!) Looks like a fun weekend!

Danny & Crystal said...

Poor Tydon--that had to hurt! That's awesome that your kids are such good shoppers--I never take Jace shopping because he's too crazy, so I'm jealous! That's so fun that you were able to have a girls' weekend, looked like a blast!

Peterson Family said...

OUCH! Travis was a little adventurous guy when he was little too (started getting stitches and broken bones at an early age). Gotta love boys! How NICE to have that play date three days a week! WOW woman I am impressed, shopping for twelve hours with two little ones that has to be some kind of new record. I have an embarrassing story about one of my first trips to the mothers lounge nursing, they are a life saver (especially if your hard core shopping)!

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