4 Months

Henson hit 4 months {the beginning of February}
He is all smiles and full of fun lately.
Can't get enough of this sweet guy
*FULL of smiles... all the time
*Finally giggling, but still takes some coaxing
*Still a great sleeper, but hitting another growth spurt
*Tried rice cereal... still learning how to swallow the crazy stuff
*LOVES his Bumbo seat {such a big boy}
*Had another haircut {from dad this time}
*Everything goes in his mouth right now, "drooly kid"
*Still likes to snuggle with Mom
*LOVES his big brother
*Already spoiled {by his big brother}

4 Month Check-Up {vs Tydon}
*Weight: 14.9 lbs - 45% {15.9 lbs - 70%}
*Height: 24.75 inch - 38% {26.75 inch - 75%}
*Head: 16.75 inch - 53% {17.3 inch - 75 %}

And all this time I thought Henson was bigger than Tydon... {Tydon was 8 days late though}

So grateful for this sweet face and the joy and happiness he brings into our home.
We feel truly blessed!


Ashley said...

Are you kidding me?! They grow SO fast. What a little sweetie!

Danny & Crystal said...

He is such a cutie pie! I can't believe that he's 4 months already though!

Sarah said...

He has such a CUTE smile, and I love the hawk! :)

Tyson and Alli said...

You can't help but smile when you look at this little guy! What a cutie. He sure has gotten bigger since I saw him last!

Chance and Beth said...

Adorable! Can't believe how different they can be. Wonder how big of a difference it will be with they're teenagers!

Judy said...

You are truely blessed! They are beautiful boys!

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