A little Field Trip

To the BYU Dinosaur Museum
{A few of the kids in his class}
Tydon was invited to join a little Joy School and it's been so fun for him.
He can't wait to be a big boy and ride the bus someday...


Katie Lane said...

What cute goofy kids!
Thanks for coming!

Bradshaw's said...

That looks like a fun place to take the kids! Tydon is such a cutie!!

Parkinson Family said...

yeah its was a fun day!!

Judy said...

Wow!!! He is growing right up!
if you want on my private blog, email me at

krista nelson said...

i have been the worst blogger. i'm just now getting back in it. i just read what you wrote when you guys were in az. i miss you guys. can't believe you went to yogurtland again on the way to the airport. i love it! i would've done the same! come back soon!!

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