So... Tydon contracted empetigo over the past week and it has spread like wild fire. If you want to do some reading up on it you can go to:
It started out as a small blister (resembling a burn) on his knuckle last Monday. When he woke up on Tuesday the blister had increased in size and the skin was irritated and red. Throughout the day it popped and had a large hole in the center. I asked a PA in our ward what it might be and he suggested putting some neosporine with a band aid on it. I did that, but it seemed to get bigger. On Thursday he had a small scratch above his right eyebrow, but I didn't think anything of it. By Saturday it was scabbed over with a yellow color to it. He also started to get other spots on his face, almost like chicken pocks. By Sunday morning his finger was scabbed over similar to his face so we knew something was wrong. The PA in our ward took a look and said it looked like impetigo and suggested we take him in. He is now on an antibiotic and a topical cream.... Wow! He could have contracted this from a shopping cart, the play ground, another child... who knows! All I know is we will be washing our hands a lot more now!


Sarah said...

Oh poor guy. I have never even heard of that. But it dosent look fun. Maybe I'll go get some hand sanitizer to keep with us.

Jamie Ortega said...

Poor Tydon it looks like his hand hurts. I am always worried Isaac will get something crazy like that after I let him play on the toys in the Mall. Hope it goes way fast!

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