Sunday ride

The weather was gorgeous today! We ate some BBQ for lunch and after our afternoon nap Gordon and I took Tydon on a walk to the park. We decided it was nice enough we wanted to go for a bike ride too so walked back home and borrowed our renters bike and cart to go for a bike ride. We went and picked up Tydon's girlfriend Madison and went for a little ride around the neighborhood. It was so fun! The kids were excited to be outside and it was nice to enjoy some sunshine.


Anonymous said...

hey your little boy is so cute! He looks like a handful!! Your blog is cute!

Sarah said...

Hey I like your new back ground! :)good sence of style.

Scott said...

Wood Fam! Stacey found your blog; and you guys are looking good. Happy B-day Gord. We are moving to IF in June so we'll be seeing you guys soon.

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